In Satan’s Honor

'Satan in Council' engraving by Gustave Dore, from Milton's 'Paradise Lost.' From 'In Satan's Honor: Satanism and Demon Worship' by Marie RavenSoul The words of Lord Satan: "My warriors, take up your shields for battle, as there are battles around you, and in you, each day. While you may desire peace, the time for peace... Continue Reading →

Challenges on the Draconian Path

After a spectacular week with Set, I feel low energy and less connection to the Current. I asked Lucifer for his wisdom about how to proceed with my personal challenges. I also opened myself to inspiration during my meditations. This is what I have understood: Be where I am. Don’t fight it. And don’t get... Continue Reading →

Set, my lover, Lord of the Black Flame

— Mildly suggestive — I am a mage. This happened to me in the subtle world, where I live. Set holds the royal Ankh in His right hand, and the staff which imitates the shape of His head in His left SET, a God of ancients Lord of the Crimson Sands Mighty and fierce, Proud... Continue Reading →

Real life on the astral plane

"I always think… maybe I know this. Without thinking about it, I do not lapse into 'knowing for sure.' I have always assumed there is at least some delusion in certainty. I will get lost. My life will be wasted." This is the moment, the moment of all moments, the dream that I have dreamed... Continue Reading →

Draconian Ritual Book

— by Asenath Mason (2016), excerpt regarding the "Call of the Dragon" and the Left Hand Path — The work of the Draconian Initiate is a quest for rediscovery and mastery of our inner "Dragon powers." As Draconian Initiates, we are an integral part of this timeless cosmic force and we possess the same powers... Continue Reading →

Qliphoth: States of Consciousness

—From the Introduction to 'The Qliphothic Trilogy,' by Asenath Mason— The work with the dark side of the Qabalah is a process that embraces and reintegrates each aspect of existence, opening access to the very source of primal power. The Tree of Qliphoth is a working initiatory model that leads to Self-Deification and empowerment. The... Continue Reading →

Hindu Tantra and Kabbalistic Judaism

—A selection of excerpts from 'Hindu Tantra and Kabbalistic Judaism' by Alan Brill October 21, 2014— “Tantra is that Asian body of beliefs and practices which, working from the principle that the universe we experience is nothing other than the concrete manifestation of the divine energy of the godhead that creates and maintains that universe,... Continue Reading →

Qliphothic Trilogy

I received my copy of the Qliphothic Trilogy by Asenath Mason of the Temple of Ascending Flame. I will be descending into the dark world of Sitra Ahra, the Left Hand Path where the psychological and societal forces of chaos and destruction have been exiled by the forces of light from above. The Right Hand... Continue Reading →

Aleister Crowley in the Desert

An excerpt fromThe Place of Enchantment: British Occultism and the Culture of the Modernby Alex Owen From Chapter Six: Aleister Crowley in the Desert In late 1909, two Englishmen, scions of the comfortable middle classes, undertook a journey to Algiers. Aleister Crowley, later to be dubbed "the wickedest man in the world," was in his... Continue Reading →

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