Qliphothic Trilogy

I received my copy of the Qliphothic Trilogy by Asenath Mason of the Temple of Ascending Flame. I will be descending into the dark world of Sitra Ahra, the Left Hand Path where the psychological and societal forces of chaos and destruction have been exiled by the forces of light from above.

The Right Hand Path rejects all that is not “good,” and “acceptable.” This leads to an alienation of what Jung called The Shadow; that which is rejected and unintegrated, and relegated to the subconscious in the individual, and repressed by the status quo in our society.

This recognition of the subtle chains that must be dissolved and removed requires an understanding: that dissent and subversion are repressed by those around us, and by the institutions of our society.

In the dark journey through the Qliphoth, the dark side of the Kabbalah, the seeker must face and integrate what has been rejected, lost, and repressed. It is not a journey for the dabbler, or the faint of heart. To face the mighty gods of the underworld is to face drastic change, both within and without. Psychological stability and a purposeful step is required as all of the seeker’s world is stripped and rearranged, both within and without.

It is often, as above, so below.

Also true… as below, so above.

“Nothing could be easier than disturbing a status quo instituted by others; the real work of the sinister current is to break the rules we rigidly establish for ourselves.”

Zeena Schreck 

Twilight in the Underworld

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  1. Definitely long processing. I have always been a seeker, picking up what I needed as I wandered about, searching for wholeness. Each set of tools appear when we are (almost) ready. Reaching for them makes us stronger.


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