Draconian Ritual Book

— by Asenath Mason (2016), excerpt regarding the “Call of the Dragon” and the Left Hand Path —

The work of the Draconian Initiate is a quest for rediscovery and mastery of our inner “Dragon powers.” As Draconian Initiates, we are an integral part of this timeless cosmic force and we possess the same powers and faculties as the Primal Dragon—well at least in potential. We are the Sons and the Daughters of the Dragon, the Dragon’s Flesh and Blood. Draconian Path does not grant these powers—they are already in us—and the true quest on the path is to rediscover and embrace them as our primal heritage.

We need to open ourselves to all experience, come out and embrace it. Draconian Path makes a lot of things possible, but they are not delivered to us on a plate. Leviathan arrives with lightning and thunder, ripping the sky asunder. This is symbolic of the Draconian illumination that strikes as lightning, shattering consciousness and transforming it with the flames from the Dragon’s jaws. Once we step onto the path and start flowing with the Current, the Dragon’s Fire will gradually burn any obstacle that stands in our way in the pursuit of Godhood.

Like a serpent shedding its skin and renewing itself in cycles, this transformation occurs with every major initiation on the path. To understand it we have to be aware of the pattern underlying the Draconian initiatory process.

Transformation occurs within us, affecting our mind and perceptions, but it also manifest in events of our mundane existence and happenings around us, pushing us to rearrange our life in order to suit the destiny that is opening before us.

To recognize this process is to understand that it is a test we have to pass in order to be reborn as Draconian Initiates. This task is by no means easy. The “obstacle” on our path may appear to be our spouse, our parent, our child, our job, our house, and so on—and we have to be ready to leave it all behind and move forward with the Current. Moreover, sometimes we may not have a choice and this will happen anyway, regardless of how much we might want to prevent this transition.

It is very hard to discern and observe the initiatory process when the world around us is falling apart and we are desperately striving to put it back in balance. It is not easy to walk in the dark when we cannot see the light. This process is often painful and terrifying because it demands sacrifice, change, leaving our comfort zone, and stepping into the unknown. But we need to realize that it is all manifestation of our Will, and whatever we have to leave behind is worth it, because the path will offer much more in return. New doors will open up for us and the old world will burn in the Dragon’s Fire.

For this reason the Call of the Dragon is associated with qualities that are most often feared and constitute the dreadful reputation of the Left Hand Path. It is a dynamic and direct way to self-deification, but it also includes extreme danger and risk of depression, psychic disorders, insanity, or even loss of life. Once we start walking the path, we need to live according to the path, even if it means that we will have to rearrange our whole life for this purpose. But then again, we should not invoke the Dragon and embrace the Call if we are not willing to be changed by the Dragon’s Fire.

From the Draconian Ritual Book by Asenath Mason (2016)—pages 33-34.

Twilight in the Underworld

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