Challenges on the Draconian Path

After a spectacular week with Set, I feel low energy and less connection to the Current.

I asked Lucifer for his wisdom about how to proceed with my personal challenges. I also opened myself to inspiration during my meditations. This is what I have understood:

  • Be where I am. Don’t fight it. And don’t get discouraged.
  • Accept challenges, and learn from them. Seek inspiration and guidance. Touch base with entities that I have an established connection with to ask for inspiration from them.
  • Learn to choose a pace of growth that is sustainable and consistent.
  • Low energy and less connection to the Current may be a segue into the next phase of my growth. Welcome this opportunity.
  • Continue to focus on the basic discipline I have in place, even if I don’t “feel it” or feel like it.

In terms of what techniques might be oriented to our path, working specifically with my connection to the Current is an approach that is “Draconian” in nature.

Twilight in the Underworld

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