In Satan’s Honor

‘Satan in Council’ engraving by Gustave Dore, from Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost.’

From 'In Satan's Honor: Satanism and Demon Worship' by Marie RavenSoul

The words of Lord Satan:

"My warriors, take up your shields for battle,
as there are battles around you, and in you, each day.
While you may desire peace,
the time for peace is over.
Every minute, you make a choice for this way or that way,
no second goes unnoticed.
If you don’t choose,
someone will choose for you.
As my warrior,
that is a grave mistake.
The error of your ways,
are one step for the enemy.
By being inactive,
you allow them to win.
There are many enemies,
don’t fool yourself in thinking there is just one.
I have a sword and dagger to give you,
it is your choice to reach out your hands and take them from me.
Do you dare fight unarmed?
There is much to see beyond the clouds,
but the way home is not through treading lightly or complacency.
The way of your path is darkness,
let the black flame burn within you to guide your way.
You are from me and of me,
let no one tell you different.
There are many fools who have taken my name,
who do not belong to me.
Heed not their foolish babble.
You will know those who are mine,
as my presence burns within them.
Each one of you is my warrior.
Always carry sword in hand,
as you never know when a battle is nigh.
Be mindful always,
as you feel my hand upon your shoulder.
Know my blessing is upon you.
Walk on, my warrior."

Twilight in the Underworld

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