Evocation of Lucifer

I am learning that opening myself to energies and entities is as important—or more so,—than what I do or do not do in my workings. I found an excellent description of this experience in the book “Draconian Ritual Book” (2016), p. 177, which I have excerpted in my next post, here.

I have had the most extraordinary experience.

Lucifer stepped out of his Sigil immediately. He was present in my temple. I saw and heard the intense flames all around him. I love these flames, they feel so good. The flames of transformation.

Still, I had a hard time focusing on the scrying mirror, and I almost gave up. I tried to speak to Lucifer, but it sounded hollow. But I made the words anyway: please show me this path is real in an unmistakable way, one that I cannot explain away. Please help me to get past my lifelong use of suspension of belief—never deciding for sure what is real and true, acting “as if” instead—which I utilized to keep from getting lost, to keep myself from being ensnared by mind control and half-truths.

The time of fearing mind control and getting lost is over. I have found my path. It is real.

Lucifer surged through and into me. The Current flowed into me in a full and strong way. I experienced the subtle realm in a very deep and intense way. It lasted as long as I kept returning to it when my mind started to drift away.

The experience reinforced the way I have learned to discipline my mind to be steady in my focus on the subtle realm, a slight change in my consciousness that changes everything. I pull the senses of the mundane world inward. My energy streams inward, rather than outward, (the reining in of the senses I have practiced in Hinduism).

Minute after minute, five minutes, ten minutes, the Current surged through me, became me. I opened more and more to it. I experienced the subtle realm as very real.

“Don’t let it stop,” I said again and again. “Please PLEASE don’t let it stop.”

Eventually I finished the ritual and left my temple/bedroom. I was in a very different state. The mundane world seemed very hazy. I couldn’t really focus on it, or experience it fully, which was so exciting to me. I had to be careful to keep my balance and not run into furniture, etc.

Now I have a choice. I can tap into that space in myself whenever I want. Again and again, it is still there. I have been changed. I have waited my whole life for this.

I HAVE BEEN CHANGED. I will be changed over and over on the Draconian path. It is real.

Thank you Lucifer. You give so much to me. You have given so much. I am so grateful.

Sigil of Lucifer

Twilight in the Underworld

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