A gift from the void

I miss my online friends. It’s almost 11pm and normally I would be in the last of the meeting, which means we would soon be chatting and talking shop.

I call them my friends, but really they are acquaintances. People I like, but don’t actually, really know.

And I am feeling the warm touch of love, someone keeps touching me just there… Is it Lucifer, the bringer of light?

“You have made the right choice. Your solitude is precious to you now. Yes. It is the time to move on from those things.”

I received the new book I ordered a week or so ago, the Qliphothic Trilogy by Asenath Mason. Yesterday I noticed for the first time that the binding was torn and the book didn’t close properly. I sent a message with pics, and they immediately shipped me a new one.

I had to laugh when I opened it, and the book inside was upside down. (Or, maybe the cover was upside down, LOL. Since when is there an “up” in the universe?) You open the cover of the book, and the book inside is upside down.

The mind boggles at the existential implications.

BUT…. they had promised me an extra gift, and I was stunned! The Qliphothic Magical Circle, the eleven pointed star, with each point corresponding to a Qlipha on the Qliphoth, and surrounded by Ouroboros (the snake with its tail in its mouth). Designed by Asenath Mason. Certainly waaay beyond my budget.

As soon as I unfolded it I received a huge flow of energy. I placed it before my altar. Spectacular.

A gift to me… is it from you, Lucifer? THANK YOU.

I am so blessed by my love for Lucifer, and his love for me. He has a very generous heart. He was the first entity to welcome me to this path, and continues to encourage and guide me. I know that my dedicated energy is very attractive and “nourishing” to him.

Asenath Mason, High Priestess of the Temple of Ascending Flame

Sooo… I can now stand or sit on this when I am working at my altar!

I will be sending in pics of the upside down book. Will they include a free gift with my next replacement book? (I hope it’s the Qliphothic 11-starred silver pendant!) Stay tuned…

Now, if we are here to unpack the meaning of this experience. I am very fussy about not writing in my books, especially one that cost three hundred dollars (I will likely have to sell something to cover this expense).

Perhaps it is a gift of a damaged book to write in, while I keep a perfect, pristine copy. One that I will use. One that will remain on the shelf. Might be a lesson there.

Perhaps it is a lesson about the true source of wisdom, which cannot be damaged or printed upside down.

Perhaps it is just a fun joke to get me to laugh, and earn me free gifts! Ha ha, you are so funny, so clever, my sponsor, my teacher. (I love you Lucifer. I know you love me).

Twilight in the Underworld

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