The Journey is dead! Long live the Journey

“Lucifer unbound his absolution
His purpose took unstoppable form
A wyrm whose brilliance blinded
Tenacity burned as radiant as the Almighty
Lucifer remembered this so vividly
A fond memory of when God stood thunderstruck”
― D.J. LeMarr, The Keys of Death and Hades

I feel profoundly relaxed. More relaxed than I ever remember being.—

Last night I was sitting at my desk, and I felt my entire being letting go. I relaxed. Really relaxed. Can you imagine?

It happened in little stages, relaxed… more relaxed… even more relaxed. Completely relaxed.

Then Lucifer came to me and I received his intense energy into my being. He transforms me this way. And he teaches me this way. Yes… you are on the right track…

For the first time in my life I need not struggle, push ahead, engage with a constant fierceness. I can relax, pay attention, and offer my devotion as ritual, as mantras. Pay attention to the things I am taught, and the gods of my transformation.

This I have learned: the key to my magical path is to receive. To open myself and remain open to the Current, open to the entities.

It is a give and take. I offer my dedication, my structure and discipline of daily ritual, which I do without fail. My energy of devotion is attractive to the entities. I offer my devotion as words and actions. I offer it as all that I have arranged on my lovely and pleasing altar, which I light and scent and accompany with the ritual words from my heart. Through it I contact and have visions of the subtle realm. Before it I offer my body after a ritual bath and application of scents and ritual jewelry. I offer food, and tokens of things I am giving up, that are dissolving.

I purchase precious books. I read and read. So much to learn.

I know that I will be challenged, that there will be storms and dark days ahead. But for now, I have reached my destination at last. I have reached the beginning of my true journey, which is endless growth and transformation. Of becoming fully divine.

The Journey is dead! Long live the Journey!!

More burning. Bring it. But it is different. Now I work with the burning, the transformation.

I work with Lucifer, Hecate, Lilith, Set, and Belial. I will eventually meet and work with all of the gods of the Qliphoth.

The initial journey of preparation, of Shree Kundalini’s perfect sequence of burned karmas, is complete. For over twenty years, my only real control was the ability to turn Shree Kundalini’s fire off when I needed a break, but I rarely did that. I shouldered on. I leaned into it. I was a walking bonfire. But I did not directly work with her energy. I allowed her, and she chose what and when, and how much. As the active aspect of the Creator, she knew what she was doing.

On the Draconian path, we still work with Shree Kundalini. We still burn the karmas, delusion, the limited parts of ourselves. We still work with the purifying energy within. But we are actively choosing and directing the energies that transform us. And we interact with the gods and entities who transform us and teach us.

I am now developing a relationship of give and take with the sources of my transformation.

Thank you, thank you, thank you... to all who visit and support me, especially Lucifer.

All of my dreams are coming true. I am rich beyond my wildest imagining.

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Twilight in the Underworld

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