Demon King Belial

I was working with the great Demon King Belial in my ritual workings this evening. The sixth day of my work with him, and the last in this series.

I took a plate of sweet strawberries to the altar awhile before it was time to begin, and I felt his love in my heart as I was walking away. Yes, the dark gods feel love (and at least one of them loves strawberries!). They weren’t demons until the Abrahamic Religions came up with the idea.

Now they embody what is rejected, feared. They have great power.

He came to me, I saw him on the astral plane, a darkly hooded figure who immediately bent down and swiftly drew a large fiery circle in the dirt, about six feet across. Then he wrote with fire at his feet, in the circle and between us, very large runes I could not see. He stood and waited. I realized he wanted me to step into the circle with him, and I stepped onto the fiery words, and stood very close to him. The fire was not hot or cold, but my astral body was completely engulfed by the flames.

I could just see his skull face, but then he looked past me, and pointed behind me.

The flames subsided, and I turned to the black void, then I saw the world, distant and blurry.

“Be free,” he whispered over my shoulder.

I was beginning to understand how profound all this was as I turned back to him. I thanked him, and he was gone.

“‘Be free,’ my little astral butterfly”

So profound… and special to me.

Belial is the keeper of the gate, he who guards the Qlipha Daath on the Qliphothic Tree—the gate between the Nightside of the Qliphoth and the Dayside sephiroth of the Kabbalah.

In the mythology of demons, King Belial is a King of Hell, created second, after Lucifer.  He commands 80 legions of demons, and 50 legions of spirits. He must be presented with offerings, sacrifices and gifts, or else he will not answer questions or requests.

Belial, Without a Master. Belial, The Worthless One. He forever reveals all that is worthless—which is all of this, the mundane world.

Sometimes the gods fill me to overflowing with their presence, changing me, dissolving some of the rigid ego of this world. Belial was warm towards me, but mostly silent. He chose to teach me.

His message to me is to step into the circle of fire. It is an active step into a certain place of burning and transformation, that which I desire. It is up to me in every moment to step into this certain place, and remain there.

Around me, the world is distant and blurry. This is as it should be. I am no longer of that place. It is worthless to me now.

Later I saw him in the scrying mirror, just his skull face. He did not speak. Showing himself was his message. He appears for me. This means a lot to me, and he knows this.

Thank you.

Now it is morning

See my follow up to this work with Belial in my next post.

Twilight in the Underworld

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