The Dark Gods


I saw myself silent, standing relaxed
my eyes of a distance
that measures the world below this one
The inner gaze
Of the endless void

I saw myself silent, seeking only
what I have, what is mine
knowing in full measure
with no need to speak of it
or reach for another

I saw myself, within myself
my senses pulled inward
to that world of spirit
where my soul is released
where my soul is freed
where the fire can burn me free

I saw these things, but
the crushing need, still
numbing me...
I needed that
craved only that
In every moment

But I am this
I whispered to no one
Where is my birthright of magic?
Why I am this instead?
Every moment
making these invisible tears

Where is the door?
Where is the magic?
Bring me to you
Where is the magic?
This world of dark ashes
Is suffocating me

I step into the circle
At last I have found
the sovereign soil of dreams
the stars of far flung shadows
the darkness divine
I converse with the dark gods
Who note my ascent
And reach to me
They reach to me
I open to them
Becoming this

Bringing me to them
Bringing me to them
Bringing me to them at last
In every moment
All is magic
Cover art from Cryo Chamber musical 
anthology: "Tomb of Wights

Twilight in the Underworld

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