Grimoire: Evocation of Belial

I have been taking a break from a second daily ritual in the morning. After Belial’s teaching, I wanted to do a ritual this morning. I have this evening “off.”

I added more food offerings to the plate at the altar and took my ritual bath, preparing myself for ritual, scenting my body, and donning ritual jewelry. I made my bed and tidied things up. My body is a temple, and the room with my altar is a temple. I prepare both—before I invite the dark gods to come into both.

I set up the scrying mirror, and repeated the opening mantra: “Zasas Zasas Nasatanadas Zasas” in a low and rhythmic way until I sensed his presence.

The Sigil of Belial by Asenath Mason
Evocation of Belial

“Lord Belial, Keeper of the Gate, King of the Spirits of Darkness. Come through the gate of Daath and show me the secrets of the unseen. Share with me the knowledge of the Void and guide me on the twilight path, through the place of crossing, at the threshold of the Dayside and the Nightside. I have crossed over. I stand in the fire. I wait at the gate. Great King! One With No Master! Worthless One! This world is of no worth to me. I wait at the gate.”

I acknowledged that he had already given me much wisdom last night, but asked if he had anything further to say about me and my magical path.

He spoke to me, and said “Give In.” He seems to prefer two sentence communication, at least with me. He teaches with his presence and his actions.

All through the day today, I have been ecstatic as I have given in to my true nature, my sole existence without the tethers and illusions of the mundane world. I am filled with transforming energy. I am becoming something else, much greater than I have been, something I have always been needed to be.

I kept seeing the little lights again, and I realized they were distant sources of light, inviting me and lighting the way to go deeper into Belial’s realm. As I walked towards these lights I felt his energy shifting and changing in my subtle body. He also worked on my eyes, and my solar plexus chakra.

Again I saw his skull face looking at me in the mirror, turning slightly this way and that, many many moments of seeing his skull face appear and disappear.

I asked him if it would please him to transform me with some of his fire, and I waited for several moments. Then I felt a different intensity of energy moving around within me for quite some time, his skull face appearing in the mirror over and over.

When he was finished, and was leaving my temple. I thanked him, and closed the portal and the ritual.

NOTE: Friday August 13th

I had an insight from last week, when Bilial waited until I stepped into the circle with him, turned away from the world, and towards him. When I turned to look at the world from that perspective, it was distant and blurry.

He was showing me is that I need to work within the circle, the fire is in the circle, the container. So things that open the circle are not productive. I need to keep private aspects of transformation to myself, and not share it online, etc.

I need to keep the circle intact. Before sharing something, ask, will this break open the circle?

Read about my experience working with Belial last night in my previous post here.

Twilight in the Underworld

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