Grimoire: Rituals of Blasphemy

The Heresy of Havayoth
by V.K. Jehannum

“Rituals of blasphemy are utilized to rid the mind of Judeo-Christian brainwashing.”

“In Satanism and similar paradigms of infernal spirituality, rituals of blasphemy are utilized to rid the mind of Judeo-Christian brainwashing. This rite serves that purpose, and its power is not just psychological. Chants to HVHI (Havayoth/Chavajoth/Chavayoth), the metagod composed of the eleven Qliphothic overlords (Lilith, Nahema, Ba’al, Belphegor, Adramaleck, Moloch, Satan, Beelzebuth, Lucifuge Rofocale, Asmodeus, & Astaroth) are used, one of which is a Satanic inversion of a Hebrew phrase which originally referenced Jehovah.

The rite will create a potent Qliphothic sacred space wherein you will be liberated. Of course, surely most former Christians and Muslims will need to perform this rite multiple times to fully escape the remains of their prior religious thinking. This ritual may be performed as a stand-alone operation, or may be used to precede another rite of demon magick by those who still struggle with the brainwashing.

The English paragraph/monologue was channeled from my matron demoness, Qalilitu. Translations of foreign languages will appear in brackets. Phrases which are meant to be chanted (recited repeatedly in a rhythmic monotone) will appear in italics.”

Io Heh Vau Heh Jod! Io Rakhalatu-Chavajoth! Venire, Omnituens Chavayoth!
[Hail HVHI! Hail HVHI! Come, All-Seeing Chavayoth]

I call the hordes of demons from the realms beyond Malkuth! 
Sever my tie to Jehovah so I may seek the liberation of the Nightside! 
I spit upon the names of the pretender to creation! Jehovah, Allah, I cast you out! 
Yehowah, I see you for what you are: a sickening, vile philosophaster!

Aken Yesh Havayoth Bamaquwm Ha-Zeh (x3)
[Surely, Havayoth Exists in This Place]

Agios o Havayoth (x11)
[Numinous is Havayoth]

I spit upon Yehowah (x11)

I spit upon Allah (x9)

Ave Havayoth!
[Hail Havayoth]

Note from Astarte

Finding barriers in myself when trying to write a very “dark” piece of fiction—and the struggle it took to view the disorganized, bound, and rejected parts of myself behind these barriers—led to my exploration online regarding the Occult in May of this year. I am now an initiate to Draconian Magic on the Left Hand Path. I began this website to record my experiences, and quote from resources I have found helpful as I begin my training and development as a mage.

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