Grimoire: My communion with the Dark Gods

Banner from Lucifer Speaks video by Behemoth-X

"The key to successful invocation is therefore the ability to let go, turn off the normal defense mechanisms that we use in our daily life, and submit ourselves to the experience in totality."  —Asenath Mason, Draconian Ritual Book
The Dark Bible by HE XIAOSONG on ArtStation

Subtle temple—made of flames, container of safety, portal to the Darkside

Ritual—candles, incense, jewelry, Tibetan bell, etc.

Present—inhabit this now

Open—open ritual with athame, trace flaming trident over altar

Mantra—often simply the god’s name, repeat and focus on the breath

Offering—blood sacrifice (a few drops)

Subtle body—the small, sideways step into the subtle world

Look—I am not touched by the mundane world

Delusion—events in the mundane world do not happen to me

Focus—pull mind and senses inward, trance and bliss

Invite—POSSESSION, body as temple

Receptive—open arms, soften will and habits of control

Allow—open to transformation by the dark god

Know—inhabited, transformed

Ritual—I may add elements of ritual such as Sigil work or astral travel

Talk—I may have a candid conversation

Ask—ask for guidance, do you wish to speak?

Offer—stay always, install in subtle body

Praise—thank you for your presence and power

Meditation—stay with experience, remember for later journaling

Close—declare ritual ended, close temple

I rise with Lucifer, master of ascent
"After a bird tied by a string flies here and there without finding a resting place, 
it finally settles down at the place where it is bound. 
Similarly, the mind, after flying here and there without finding a resting place, 
settles down in the breath, for the mind is bound to the breath."
— Chandogyopanishad Upanishad

Twilight in the Underworld

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