Grimoire: Ritual with Set

An excerpt from ‘Set the Fury of Egypt’ (2019), Asenath Mason, ritual by Edgar Kerval

Hymns of Adoration to Setekh

The following working was inspired by rites of devotion to Setekh, the lord of the red desert. Such manifestations are encountered throught the Tuat, one of the realms that are under his rule. His temple is guarded by a serpent race that is commanded through diverse incatations to let only the initiates of the Seithian mysteries enter. In the Tuat you can meet the serpent demon called “Sati-Temui,” who is in charge to help devour the souls of adepts who try to cross the temple in the Tuat. Before devouring the souls, they are burned in infernals vessels of fire in the Tuat. After that, the soul is seduced by Set in the form of a giant serpent which slowly devours its essence.

For this working you will need to place an image, statue, or any relevant items connected with the god. A glass of beer and Setekh incense: tobacco, red pepper, dragon’s blood, or copal will be used in the working well.

SETEKH by Kaela

Chant the different mask names for several minutes until you feel the trance. Then begin the hymn and the invocation:

Nak, Sabau, Apophis, Suti, Baba, Smy, Hemhemti, Pakerbeth,

Saatet-ta, Qerneru, Tutu, Nesht, Hau-hra, Iubani, Amam

Sebaent-Seba, Khak-ab, Khan-ru, Uai Sau, Beteshu, Kharubu

(Powers of Setekh)

The sky turns red, the stars darken the sun
The vaults are open, the earth trembles before his throne
The red planet devours the souls of men
At midnight sun Setekh rises to power
The god who lies in his own darkness,
Who feeds on the souls through the midnight sun
The powerful master of a cunning craft
Whose mother knows not his name;
His glory is in hell
His power is in the underworld
Like a serpent dancing in the desert

Through his voice, he is stronger than hell
The forces of darkness are behind him
His helpers are under his feet
His crown on his head, his serpents on his brow
A red serpent is on his brow
Sutehk, devourer of souls, whose flame consumes
thousands of universes and all light on the earth.
Chants of putrefaction, power and agony
To he who has rage and fury in his heart
Who lives in every proclamation
Who eats the entrails of his enemies for eternity
Becoming the black flame that spreads his gnosis
From the pillars of fire;
Througth Amenti he has gathered his spirits,
Set has risen as the Great One, master of masters,
A mystic call for those who do not know his masks
and secret names spoken in tongues of fire.
The old kingdom rises in flames,
Devouring the ancestral fire of time.
Set, lord of the red desert, storms, and darkness
Who himself prepares the black flame
He who feeds on the gods of the nightside
Master of messengers of the Serpent and the Dragon!
I invoke his power, the one of the dragon at midnight!
He is the raised head of the serpent who guards the entrance to the paths of darkness
He is the ruler of pathways through thorns and storms
He is the red god of the desert, slayer of lords, who cuts their throats for pleasure
Who rips their entrails
Bring of utter darkness, voice crawling chaos
Give us the power of the ancient wisdom!
Devourer of souls, king of the sulfurous path of Amenti!
The snake is born, his spirit is in the vessel
The scales of the dragon reveal his many names,
Upon his brow - the Dead King's Crown
God-Destroyer, God-Begetter
He who was before the oldest males and females
The Great Ones in the northern sky guard his fire
The fire god of the Ancient Flame
The urn burns his magnificent elixirs
He has destroyed a thousand skies
He has begotten the primogenial race of men
With a great power that overpowers the strength of the mortals
Wearing the divine mask, the great vast power burning from his eyes
He finds his way to devour everything.
Setekh's place is before time and space, all in one, one in all.
Setekh's is the oldest of the old,
Thousands serve him, hundreds are offered to him

Among the living in the red desert and the sands of Amenti
for all eternity!


(The Black Sun in Amenti)

Thag'ahz Sethos Thag'ahz
Thag'ahz Sethos Thag'ahz

Elixirs from a thousand chambers,
Libations from red vessels,
The snake of fire rising through desolate gardens
of flesh and bones, pain and agony,
The red path is opened, the sacred fruit eaten,
The black sun consecrated through the
fires of transformation!

Thag'ahz Sethos Thag'ahz
Thag'ahz Sethos Thag'ahz

Transmuted liquid black fire, the path of brilliant darkness
Tendrils of primal quintessence, the flesh of all desires,
Towers burning in tongues of fire, Black Sun rising in 
perpetual darkness, in the Sea of Nothingness!

Thag'ahz Sethos Thagirion Thag'ahz
Thag'ahz Sethos Thagirion Thag'ahz

Shadows emerge through black holes
Veiled in madness and ecstasy
Primal totems erupting with strange symbols
And vibrating mantras of fire
Under the stones of primogenial wisdom
below the pillars of the Black Sun in Thagirion.

Thag'ahz Sethos Thag'ahz
Thag'ahz Sethos Thag'ahz

An excerpt from ‘Set the Fury of Egypt’ (2019) Asenath Mason, ritual by Edgar Kerval, p. 16

Twilight in the Underworld

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