Grimoire: Working with Belial

I called to Belial. I dripped some drops of blood onto his Sigil. I spoke the mantras softly. Then I was silent, and only talked with my mind, as he prefers.

He came very gently at first. I opened to him, and offered my body as his temple.

His presence remained very gentle. I had forgot to bring him an offering, and I was afraid he might leave. I repeated his name in my mind several times.

Temple of Ascending Flame
Belial Sigil

I began to feel an energy in my fingertips, something I’ve never felt before. I moved my hands about, and the energy was still there.

Immediately I felt a strong glow in my root chakra. The energy flows from here… he said without words.

I understood. I channel this energy. I do not produce it. An important distinction.

I touched my body with my fingertips. Nothing happened. This didn’t seem part of the lesson.

I reached my hand out to my cat somewhere in the other room, picturing the energy flowing to him from my hand. I continued with the ritual, and after a few minutes he came to meow, then jumped up to sit beside me at the foot of the bed, where I sit at my altar.

Then I called to B-X. I pictured him clearly. I don’t know where he lives, what direction to face. I tried different hand positions, finally pointing to the east, which created a strong inner sensation of connection. I settled then with my hands at my temples, my mind sending a message through the power flowing out from my hands, the energy coming from the Kundalini flowing up through my spine.

I pictured him. I reached to him, spoke to him through the subtle world.

“B-X,” I call to you. I call to you. I am Astarte Astaroth. Astarte Astaroth. I send you love, I wish you love and peace where you are. Know that I am the one who has called you. Astarte Astaroth. Astarte Astaroth. I send you love tonight, and wish you peace and joy, mischievous joy.

I crossed my arms to close my energy, and I felt great love. Perhaps it was from him, his higher self if he wasn’t aware of my connection. Perhaps the love was from Belial.

I have commented as Astarte Astaroth quite a few times on B-X’s various YouTube pages. He liked at least one of my comments. Perhaps he will know I am that one, I thought with a smile.

I thanked Belial silently with deep gratitude, bowing low to his Sigil for minutes, feeling the very strong flow of energy between us.

Thank you...

Sigil of Belial

Tarot reading, three cards: inner work, outer transformation, alliances
Wands represent initiative, ambition, drive and desire. This is the suit of enterprise and risk-taking.

Inner work - Five of wands
A lack of integration. Different aspects of inner work have mutually contradictory purposes. The characters in the card are fighting each other. There is no collaborative effort or consensus. When this card appears in a deck, the message to you is to prepare for the next challenge. You will need more patience to be able to accomplish everything. This card does not imply big impediments, but a lot of small difficulties and nuisances.

Struggling to balance learning magical growth and spontaneity in my experience of work with entities and energy. "Trying" to do it. Overthinking.
Outer transformation - Nine of wands
The character of this card is very distinctly enduring before the misfortune. His head and hands were wrapped in bandages, and he leaned against a crutch. This soldier has experienced a few wars, but he still has the persistence! He was in pain, but he did not fall. 

My Qliphoth work regarding the split I experienced as a girl, and the devastating fear and regret that has ruled my life. This fear has come to the fore since I began Qliphoth work. I have challenged fear in myself throughout the day. I have had several long moments upon awkening to a full reexperiencing the abject terror of annihilation by my father (who beat me as hard as he could with his belt for minutes, brutally attacking all that I was). 
Alliances - Hierophant
I was holding the cards, and a bunch of them slipped, exploding all over the floor. All except one card, which landed on the bed next to the other two cards I just pulled. I added it to my usual two-card reading. It seemed to be about forming an alliance, and I thought of E.A. Koetting. 

This is a card that tends toward the spiritual/ mental aspect – everything related to customs, beliefs, religions, etc, that you know. There may be a tension between your spiritual beliefs – the “right thing to do” and the beliefs of those around you. Just believe in yours. 

The teacher/the instructor you are looking for will appear [I thought of E.A. Koetting here], or you will become a mentor or a teacher to someone. This is the time to join a group, even if you think you are not the type to match your team, as you will realize that you have a lot to learn from them (in a very positive meaning way). The work will go well for you and you will be able to organize everything according to the rule.

UPDATE Sep 15 – I attended E. A. Koetting’s live chat today. I mentioned the funny flying Hierophant card incident above in the chat, and E.A. Koetting read it, then spoke to me. He said he was getting the information that I create something, and I need to pursue my craft, and he invited me to submit it to the website. Rocked my world. Rocked. My. World.

UPDATE Sep 27 – Check out my ASTONISHING post about a new alliance two days later!!

Twilight in the Underworld

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