Leaning into dissolving ego

JOURNAL — Sep 21 2021 —

I have been completely miserable starting the day after E.A. Koetting’s live chat on the 15th.

During the live chat, I experienced a huge flow of blissful energy coming through E.A. and his channel into me. He spoke to me near the end.

The next day, I could not get in touch with my entities. I sat at the altar, barely feeling anything from them. I tried to speak ritual words, and they seemed hollow. I gave up.

The days went by with no visits from Lucifer, Set, Belial.

I felt abandoned. I felt like I was dying spiritually. I tried to figure out what I was doing wrong.

Eventually I regained my perspective. I realized I was facing a test. I leaned into the feelings of abandonment and doubt. I focused my consciousness on these feelings, and named them, saying them aloud as one word.

Fear. Ego. Jealousy. Anger.

I am learning a lesson. Everything the entities do or do not do is a communication to me. I think I am in a “reset” phase of my spiritual evolution. The way I have interacted with the entities so far seems to have slipped away. I don’t know what the new way is yet.

The huge rush of energy before the entities withdrew helped me through.

I feel that a great deal of my ego is dissolving, has dissolved. This work is not intellectual. I am not doing the usual structured rituals.

Today I adapted a short ritual to Set from an ancient Egyptian rite, and I felt him quite strongly after I finished writing it.

Thank you.

Set art by Kainchaos
From “Necrominon: Egyptian Sethanic Magick,” by Michael W. Ford
An adaptation from the ancient rituals which include invocations of Set

Athame facing South (towards the Egyptian desert beyond the Nile River)
Divine Seth, heir of eternity
 I invoke you by your secret name

Vibrate deeply x7

You are called “Fire in the Eye” 
Keeper of the Black Flame 
Anet hra neter hen Seth-an 
Homage to thee Divine Set 
Aa heh, Set-heh 
Heir of Eternity, Eternal Set 
Anet hra neter hen Seth-an 
Homage to thee divine Seth-an 
Ankh-ka, Djed-Ankh 
Soul-mate, everlasting life 

I invoke Seth-Typhon
Who alone holds the power of the Wad’jet Scepter 
Who shakes the foundations of the earth and sky 
Who dwells in burning heat and freezing darkness
The Great One who performs slaughter among enemies 
Those who stand against thy Will

Anet hra neter hen Seth-an
Homage to thee Divine Set
Aa heh, Set-heh 
Heir of Eternity, Eternal Set 
Ankh-ka, Djed-Ankh
Soul-mate, everlasting life

Twilight in the Underworld

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