Grimoire: Seth

I felt a few energetic tickles while I was watching TV.

I shut off the TV, and took a shower, then settled in front of my altar.

I have discovered that Seth (Set, Seth) likes it when I stroke his statue. I stroke down his long nose, and on his funny ears. His arms, his chest, his legs, his sex. I have the experience of touching him, and he has the experience of being touched.

Immediately Set was present with me, I felt his presence and his blissful touch. I didn’t say anything, no ritual. I tried to calm my thoughts. My mind was squirrely, and I kept being afraid he would leave. “Don’t leave. Please don’t leave because I can’t concentrate.”

Then I was getting into a deeper meditation, and there was a moment where I distinctly felt him enter my body. I felt him facing towards me, only in me. I felt my kundalini going up, and tickles on the top of my head.

I fell into a deeper meditation, and his presence became steady. I wondered if I would see through his eyes, and I saw the Crimson Desert at night, felt with him the quiet and the warmth of the gentle breeze.

I have lately been feeling the wings that come from my shoulder blades, (bestowed on me by Athena Parthenos, “prepare for battle”). I felt these strongly, which is very pleasurable.

I felt Seth working on my thyroid, then my pineal gland, then both, which is something new for me.

I decided to meditate for a longer period. He stayed with me for another 25 minutes or so. He stayed until after I came out of the meditation.

He did not leave me. He stayed until we were done connecting. This means a lot to me.

Twilight in the Underworld

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