Grimoire: Set and Naamah

Art by Cambion Art on Deviant Art

I felt called to the altar in early evening. I sacrificed a few drops of blood upon the sigils of Set, Naamah, Lilith, and Belial.

I raised kundalini through my spine to my crown.

I spoke to Set, and he came to my temple, my bedroom by my altar. I could see him very clearly in my subtle vision, as he always is to me.

Show me… I said inside.

He turned and led me into a tunnel. He was holding a torch so I could see.

I began to hear sounds, though I didn’t know what they were. Maybe laughter?

Then I smelled the fragrance of a woman’s sexual fluids. The tunnel was flesh.

Set stopped and stepped back. In his place was Naamah. I know her; she is the initiative ruler of the entrance to and the first realm of the Qliphoth, where I have recently begun the dark journey of the underworld.

I fell to my knees, then flat onto the bottom of the cave, not moving. Naamah stood over me as I became covered by the transparent sexual fluids. After several moments, I realized they were dissolving me.

I was completely dissolved, and all that was left was a burning, oblong core of light, still covered by the fluids.

Then my body returned, and it was made of gold, with the flame of my Self in the heart of it. My entire body was made of gold as I stood. Naamah was gone, and Set did not move, looking at me. The light that he was carrying went out, and it was completely dark.

I realized that Naamah has communicated that I have finished the first Qlipha, Naamah’s initiation of me into the Qliphoth. The alchemical change to gold show that I have been fully transformed by Naamah.

Why did the way forward go dark? It is not time to go on to the next Qlipha. Now is the time to rest, and to assimilate what has been changed and accomplished.

A serpent emerges. Art by Cambion Art on Deviant Art

Then Set and I were back in my room/temple at my altar. There was a long period of pressure right below my third eye, so I waited for this work to be finished. There was also a little pressure in my chest cavity.

I felt him inside me, and we had pleasures that led to three strong climaxes.

Set is so tender with me. After our intimacies, in the subtle world he hugged me tightly against him, then stood with his arm around me. In the mundane world, I caressed the little statue I have of him, which translates to a form of physical contact between us. I stroked his nose and his ears, his arms and his chest, his stomach and his legs. It feels good to touch him in this way, and for him to receive the pleasure of my touch.

Soon he wished to go, and I thanked him for his lessons, and for his loving.

Farewell, my love.

My beautiful statue of the Egyptian god Set or Seth

Twilight in the Underworld

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