Mother Death


Death I have become. Death has become me.

I cause the black earth to open its gates, for I have buried a creature of flesh within thee. 

The blackened putrid soul of the dead has covered and coalesced within this offering of mortal flesh, my heart.

Let a single drop of death's poison be released within me once each hour, until I am strengthened, 
and can drink without stopping from your river of power and mercy.

Santa Muerte, Holy Mother. White Lady, Empress of bones. Black Lady, whose dark cloak covers all the world. 

Accept my love and offerings, Death's Holy Queen. 

I speak of you with high regard to all who will listen.

I honor you Mother Death.

Partially adapted from Connor Kendall's "The Necromancer: Path of the Descended Masters" 
Santa Muerte Tarot – High Priestess card (I love the skeleton owl)

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