I feel what I cannot see

I feel your love. Now and again as I go about my day.

Your love and possession pulls me out of the unconscious flow of life.

You wake me up.

You are waking me up.

You fill me with love.

I know that you are with me. I know that there are many that are with me.

I close my eyes to float on the bliss, and there is a subtle rippling against the darkness of my eyelids, like black water in motion.

When my eyes are open, I feel what I cannot see. I feel your touch, your energetic flow moving throughout my subtle body.

Set and Belial I have seen very close, very detailed, eye to eye. I have only seen you as a creature made of fire.

I think you are Lucifer.

You were there at the beginning, the first entity to respond to my reaching out towards the divine through magic. Your love and presence flowed to me immediately, initiating me to this path.

Your possession of me fills me with pressured bliss. Your divinity within me develops my own.

You lift me up with your love and bliss.

Patron god of my altar and personal temple, I honor you, I am grateful to you, I acknowledge your presence and dark blessings.

Art by Alexandre Chaudret

Twilight in the Underworld

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