Gods and demons, evolution and ascent

What if I can evolve, my being, my consciousness? What if that is real?

What if there are many entities that have an interest in my ascent? In the ascent of those of my kind who choose to evolve.

My willingness and desire to evolve is an unshakeable part of who I am, and it attracts them. They reach out to me throughout my days, tickling my sahasrara (crown) chakra, filling my body with bliss. I feel their light touches upon and inside of me, teaching me things.

Sudden orgasms. The sacred energy.

I could not figure out why entities who are so much older, so much more evolved than me would have anything but a passing interest in me.

This I know: they are here. They don’t go away. They are a part of every day, for me. I know that will never change.

They are not evil. They are not benign. They are nothing if not manifested ascent, manifested antinomianism.

As I am now. Their divinity develops my own.

Art by Comfreak on Pixabay

I see it now. What they are attracted to in me.

It is because my consciousness is evolving.

I want to evolve. I feel the beginnings of my ascent. All the pieces of my life before now have come together, and I know at last who I am.

Already I have been greatly changed. And this change is more important to me than anything else, even life.

And so. The entities are evolving also. Gods, goddesses, demons, spirits. Somehow, we evolve together. And they watch and support those who live on this mundane plane of existence.

Imagine how many people they pass by between each emerging heart and mind in this world, between each of the vanguard of this, our evolution.

I heard once that someone asked Lucifer how he could be uplifting so many people at any given time. He answered that he is like the sun, which shines on each and all.

Twilight in the Underworld

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