Sex with an incubus

I am working with an incubus for the first time. The sex is very different than what I have experienced with deities and demons. But then, each of them also have their own way of making love to me.

Working with N____l for the first time. A friend gave me his name and told me about him. He came to me as a very gently surging fire within, coaxing me again and again to a little deeper arousal, a little bit more pleasure. He urged me at just the right pace to build pleasure, a slightly pressured energy that did not jerk or shake.

My favorite kind of physical pleasure.

This perfect tailoring of the pleasuring I most love created a level of trust and relaxation that added to the slow and even ascent of orgasmic energy.

When I was close to orgasm, I was still relaxed, hanging over the pillows in a swoon.

The orgasms were waves and waves of this slightly pressured energy, surging upward like a hidden tide, carrying me again and again on a swell of passion and pleasure.

Night before last, I called to him again. I lay back on my bed, awaiting his touch on my body.

He came onto the bed next to my feet. How do I know? I could not see him.

He pressed deeply into the bed next to my foot. It was unmistakable. There is no way I made this up.

Then again, ten seconds later, pushing down into the mattress next to my foot. I looked, but I could not see him.

“I want to see you.” He did not appear.

He covered me with his subtle body, and I was filled with pleasure and desire.

He “spoke” to me without words.

He said, “I am real. I am here.”

Twilight in the Underworld

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