Death Current ritual

GAV'THAA (repeated)

It is I who rouse the Druj. It is I who rouse Nasu.
It is I who rouse the Druj Nasu.
Filth and decay, death and darkness
The emanations of the dark rays of the blood moon, come.
The Druj Nasu, She who dwells in the neck of Arezura
The bringer of the corruption and impurities
Of darkness eternal, the eternal dreaming ones
I invoke you enter me now, fly down to my call.

Fiend of corpses. Evil polluter come.
Enter my breath, enter my body.
Enter, my mind, enter my heart,
Enter my soul, swim as the toxic current within me.
I cause the droning ones to rise before me,
Children of the dark destroyer, come.

Druj Nasu I summon you forth
To rise before me in behold-able form
Ancient grim pollution of darkness eternal,
Arise before me
I open my mind to you, so I embrace you
I open my eyes to you, so I may see you,
I open my ears to you, so I may hear you.
Come Druj Come. Come Druj Come.

Ritual text invoking Zoroastrian demoness Nasu
"The Necromancer: Path of the Descended Masters
by Conner Kendall

I read the ritual aloud.

My body contorted rapidly at various times.

“Show me the way.”

I called to the Druj Nasu several times, several times more… then felt the presence enter me, filling my upper chest cavity.

Immediately there was a very large crack sound from the right side of my altar. It startled me, so that I exclaimed aloud as my eyes flew open.* Nothing seemed broken or amiss. This was clearly a manifestation, and I experienced it as such.

I closed my eyes, and fell deeper into trance. I felt myself falling within, as I had fallen into a dark cave. The bottom of the cave was black sand, and I sank into the sand, which swallowed me up.

I was below then, and kept having a mental sensation of pushing deeper into meditation (I am feeling a burning on my head as I type this). Eventually I realized this was the state of nothingness trying to manifest in my consciousness. I let myself go deeper, but it wasn’t a feeling of more depth and feeling, it was less feeling, lighter, dissolving consciousness.

I remember now this feeling of compressed consciousness after my “crooked baptism” as a Necromancer a couple of nights ago. A feeling that began during the ritual, and was present through to the next day, when I was very tired all day afterwards.

My body began to dissolve in that place below, I became putrid, eaten up by bacteria, vile slime and disintegration. I felt myself in a grave, with the world beyond the boundaries of my grave, somewhere above.

I came back to my meditation. My trance state was very deep. Several times I experienced the rapid contortions of my body, the hurling of breath and sound. I felt I was shaking something/myself off.

I opened and closed my eyes several times.

Then I felt a pressure beginning on the crown of my head. I felt that a hand had been laid there. The pressure became firmer, covering the top of my head. It was a across the certain spot in the hollow in front of the top of my head.

I opened my eyes a few times, but could see no entity next to me.

I felt at times a pressure in my upper chest, often with a sensation of cold.

I felt completely submerged in the experience, and I experienced how perfectly that matched my desires and purpose. I was so pleased. “This is just what I want.”

I had an image of two holes lining up so a rod could pierce and hold both of them, a metaphor of how a ritual that is meaningful can come together, trying various things (process and content) until the alignment drops into place.

Art from Cryo Chamber dark ambient compilation “Nyarlathotep,” a reference to the Lovecraft character

*Night before last, when I was standing before my Santa Muerte altar, there was a sudden, very loud “crack” sound. I knew it was a manifestation before I turned around to see what it was. The candle holder that I had lit in front of Lilith’s sigil had broken, and a piece of it flew onto the carpet.

Immediately I thought, I am performing a ritual for Santa Muerte. Recently I have placed the sigil of Lilith on my altar, but I have not performed any rituals of welcome or evocation. Lilith is known for being demanding. She must be respected.

The next morning, I found that the candle holder next to Seth had also broken. I rearranged my main altar with only my black mirror in the center, and only two deities represented; my images of Astarte and Lucifer on either side. I moved Astarte to the left side of the altar, which makes her more prominent.

Twilight in the Underworld

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