Working with the Death Current

A series of excerpts from “THE NECROMANCER: Path of the Descended Masters” (2021) by Conner Kendall

Contained herein is a comprehensive journey of the work I underwent and am still going through over numerous years of my life as an adept. Necromancy is the path that I was warned about, its whispers and discussions left the occult communities torn between whether this path is purely destructive and dangerous or whether it can hold some sort of benefit to the black magician necromancer.

This is by no means a simple path-working that you can delve into and then abandon and return to life like nothing ever happened. You are opening an ancient doorway as you work through this tome ,this will test you as not only a black magician but a necromancer, it will separate the weak willed from the strong. Sort of like natural selection, it is survival of the fittest.

Such a path as this isn't without dangers. Necromancy does have many dangers, they're just often misunderstood. For example, you might have heard these saying “you are what you eat” or “you become like those who you surround yourself with.” In the spiritual and occult communities these sayings are used too, insofar as who you surround yourself with, you eventually become. In essence this is true; human beings are like sponges, we soak up the environment and consume it into the very pores of our soul. We then eventually take on the essence and attributes of whatever we have previously absorbed.

E. A. Koetting once touched on this subject wherein he explains if you live in a world of monsters, that that's the type of world and person you basically become of course I'm paraphrasing here. Now this is correct, although the black magician controls their own destiny. While the right hand path magicians of the white cloth are performing the alchemy of turning lead to gold, the left hand path magicians of the black cloth are turning poison into nectar. We as the children of darkness, as black magicians... [are] the living Devil and the Living God of our existence. We can take the most harmful, dangerous and toxic forces and through the correct methods can wield and even consume these forces and not only will we remain unharmed but also empowered.

What would normally harm and even kill others, won't affect the necromancer like it will everyone else. Through the methods given within this text you'll build a sort of immunity to the virus of what is known as death essence. If death itself was the primordial serpent then death essence would be the venom droplets from its piercing fangs. This is the residual spiritual effluvia that has within it, toxic, deadly, and poisonous effects on the living. Almost like a spiritual acidic ooze which can putrefy the essence of life and all that is living.

Death essence will be involved in almost all aspects of necromancy, some necromancers have different ways of dealing with this essence to avoid contact with it or protection against it. I on the other hand have found death essence to be a spiritual virus, and like with any virus that exists if done in the correct way we can build an immunity to it. Our immune system is often exposed to these physical viruses on purpose, only in small doses in order for you to build an internal resistance against it and eventually you can deal with it and create antibodies to battle against it so you remain perfectly fine...

One drop of death essence a day, not only aligns your energetic nature to the forces of death which you will be working with. It'll also expose you to this deadly virus in small quantities, and over time you will build an immunity to death essence. How much of an immunity depends on you...

If you haven't understood the power of the gateway of imagination then you shouldn't even be engaged in such an undertaking like this. This is a meditative exercise that aligns the specific pathways in your being and they will change to the same frequency of death and the dead...
The dead and death itself will begin contacting you, through the subtlest ways possible but it's a form of contact nonetheless...

Over this time period you would have actually ingested a considerable amount of death essence, due to the nature of the method and the it's done, it will have no harmful effects, your spiritual immune system, I suppose you would call it, will adjust and handle the virus of death essence...

Not only death essence but actually invoking the dark powers that the necromancer shall wield in their  own becoming...

From my understanding the master was revealing to me the primordial cycle, the light from what some call source or the heart of the eternal is where all formation and existence emanates from as an ocean of light and life. As it moves further away it changes and alters, creating the various formations and emanations of all existence, from energy, consciousness, memory, causality, order, chaos, spirit, matter  etc. The further this light and essence diminishes, some of it returns to the soul planes, into the plane of formation. 

While the remnants flow into a blackened river and thus this river flows into the primordial abyss, the dark void... Immersing oneself in this abysmal currents is a crooked baptism, giving one the blessings of death itself, [both] empowering and killing the self that is alive. To emerge is the living dead, the dead that is living, to be alive and dead, yet to be that which is also in between, for this is the place of the true necromancer.

A series of excerpts from “THE NECROMANCER: Path of the Descended Masters” (2021) by Conner Kendall

Conner Kendall

Twilight in the Underworld

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