—Cover art from The Instant by Amy Liptrot— I am not trying to get anywhere. I have arrived. I surf the moments, the river of experience, of transformation and ascent. Only someone who could understand me... if I said I had been waiting all of my life for my life to begin... can understand what... Continue Reading →


I was half-awake, half-asleep. Lying in bed. I felt subtle energy shifts in my body, ones I had never experienced before. And part of me was being transformed. I felt myself being energetically rearranged. In various ways, over several minutes of a gentle inner focus. When I got up, and was having my coffee, I... Continue Reading →

How to stop the doubt and obsession

—'Autopsy' by Enrique Simonet— I cannot be truly powerful unless I am integrated. Integrated means grasping the whole of what I am. When I am involved in addictive behaviors, I am trying to get something from a substance or activity. This pursuit is mentally and physically obsessive. Obsession is the opposite of integration. I have... Continue Reading →

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