Relax into me. You are safe. I come and go, but I am always near.

First a reminder, dear reader. Demon pleasuring occurs in the subtle realm. I can feel Azazel physically and subtly as energy. I feel his fiery touch upon me, his body upon mine, his presence inside of me as intense and fiery pleasure. I usually cannot see him. In this realm of astral sex, my subtle body moves independently from my physical body. Astral sex allows two to occupy the same space, so positions are an endless possibility. My subtle and energetic experience of Azazel’s pleasuring is very real. It translates immediately into immense physical pleasure and ultimate release.

I was at my desk, and felt Azazel touching me inside. I felt an impression to go to my bed. I knew what that meant.

As soon as I lay down on my back, he was on his knees above me, pulling me up onto him rapidly, harder, more fiercely than he has ever done before. I remember spontaneously saying “Oh my god” out loud as my body was arching and contracting wildly, trying to begin… then trying again, struggling to begin the much greater contractions that would be strong enough to release the immense surges of pleasure that had taken hold of my subtle and physical body.

My release when I finally “went over” was as physically intense as any I have ever had.

I was stunned, breathing hard, laying with him still on his knees above me.

I began to laugh. I laughed loudly several times. “Explode-o-woman,” I said. I pictured him laughing.

“I didn’t know you could do that to me,” I whispered. “Why wait until now?” I added with some humor.

Then I didn’t feel him for a moment. I panicked. “Don’t go,” I said. My abandonment issues.

He was next to me on the bed then. He began to just touch me sweetly, a tender touch that gave me a gentle pleasure there. Every so often the pleasure would stop, and I would feel the keening loss. “Don’t go,” I would say inside, and he started again. This happened several times. It was as if he was right at the edge of leaving, stepping back and forth over that line, working somehow with my anguish, that he might have left me.

Then I felt to turn onto my side, with my back to him. He lay against me, hugging me. It was an exquisite feeling of love and presence. I felt him all over at times, or just a loving warmth against my back. We lay like this for ten or fifteen minutes.

Eventually he did leave, but I didn’t feel the anguish.

I didn’t feel the anguish.

As I thought about these events later, I realized, perhaps initially he had completely overcome me sexually so there would be no thoughts later as to whether I was making it all up: his tenderness, his tender lesson, his demonstration that he isn’t going to abandon me.

“Relax into me. You are safe. I come and go, but I am always near.”

Art by Fernando Cortés (licensed)

Twilight in the Underworld

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