To worship death

New understanding. I connect to the currents of other magicians I know and relate to.

I am not ‘over here’ reading their book, thinking of them ‘over there.’ We are connected energetically. It is a spontaneous and real linking that I can recognize, nurture and depend on.

I am currently connected to the personal currents of E.A. Koetting, Connor Kendall, Behemoth-X, Aleister Crowley, the Temple of Ascending Flame, and to a lesser degree, D.H. Thorne, and Damien Echols.

This is why I kept thinking I was going to be doing something with Eric (E.A.). Not be published by him. Not join his magical circle (I don’t do that). Rather… I open to my personal gnosis of his personal magical current, which has become a living part of my ascent.

Eric’s advice for me at the live stream today? As someone who does not use ceremonial magic?

First off, he called me gifted. Then…

Be ready for magic. Take a break from whatever you are doing when the moment for magic arrives.

Activate my will to change myself (instead of ritual).

It has occurred to me that I might worship death.

I feel the need to worship, to exalt. But the entities don’t want to be worshipped. They hate it.

Death, on the other hand…

To worship death isn’t to exalt it, but rather to acknowledge its unassailable power, its constant presence, its role in all that is. To worship death is to exalt myself.

I wish to align myself with Death’s ultimate power. It will fortify and lift me up, it will increase my fearlessness, fully develop my power, ground me in what is real and most precious.

Twilight in the Underworld

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