I worship you Death

—Ritual art by Behemoth-X

I feel the desire to worship, to exalt. But the entities I work with do not want to be worshiped, not at all. They want me to exalt myself.

I can worship Death.

When I worship Death, I worship the power that is in all power, the current that is in everything that is. To worship Death is to exalt myself. To offer all sacrifice and allegiance to the ultimate power—to identify with that power—is to exalt and empower myself.

Last night I did a spontaneous ritual. I lit the candles, waved the incense. And I said over and over, whispering, aloud, and in my mind… I worship you Death.

I felt myself connecting to a different place, to the strong, unmistakable current of Death flowing into me.

My mind settled into a quiet place, a powerful place.

I held my palm out to my black mirror, at the center of my main altar, feeling Death beyond it, my gateway—pouring into me, into myself.

I connected this current to my chakras.

I used my astral body to reach out, far around myself, enclosing death energy and pulling it inward, into myself. I could feel this energy concentrating and becoming a part of me.

Tonight I felt called again to my altar, and repeated this Death magick.

For the first time I feel that my magic is about me, about my destiny, directly connected to and powering my growth and ascent.

This is who I am as a magician and sorceress.

I am a necromancer. I work with the Death Current. It is what is real to me. It is not something I visit, like some other Gods and entities, and various places of power. It is my current, my night, my darkness, my energy.

I worship you Death.

I become you Death.

Death I have become.

Death has become me.

I have found the ceremonial magic that is for me, that is real for me, that pertains to me, and to my ascent.

Death feels like myself. It feels like the cells of my body, the power of my consciousness, the currents of my subtle self, my astral self. They are all made of Death.

Death is the beginning of all things, the end of all things. The transformation, the dissolution, the rebirth of all things. There is no place where Death does not rule.

I worship you Death. Accept me as yours. Accept me as your acolyte, your apprentice, your attendqnt, your conjurer, your ally.

I accept you as my destiny, my patron, my source of power and evolution, of my developing consciousness, of my astral self, and of my physical body.

This I know. This I accept. This I choose. This I say as I make the words.

Let their be a pact between us. I shall enter into a pact with you. Reveal to me the nature of our pact.

Reveal all to me, ruler of all that is. All that is.

Ritual elements by Behemoth-X

Twilight in the Underworld

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