E.A. Koetting live stream notes

I have attended both of E.A. Koetting’s recent live streams on Odysee, and he addressed a question I had in both chats. His comments were very helpful to me, so I took the time to transcribe our interactions, as follows. (I note here that Eric has live streams on Odysee most Wednesdays at 11a my time (Pacific Time).

May 11th


48:40 Eric reads and comments on my comment:

I am seeing a hyperchat, so thank you Astarte. And Astarte, I appreciate your question, I appreciate your support. Thank you.

Astarte says, ‘Hi Eric, I have the desire to worship, to exalt. The entities I work with do not want worship at all. They want me to exalt myself. But I can worship death. By worshiping death I exalt myself. By identifying with that which is most powerful, Death, I exalt myself.’

You have got it, you’ve got it so right on. Thank you so much, I think you just summarized something that I’ve kind of been struggling with. Okay, so… I’ve known my entire life… as I’ve gotten more and more adept at these magical arts, I know that I could, with my imagination, create a god. And I have done this. And then tell other people about that god. People start worshiping that god, and it becomes a powerful god of its own. However, I still know I created that god. And it’s always been, I’ve always been envious, I’ve always been so jealous of people who can worship. But I see all the flaws in all the gods. Loki’s spirit is eternally with me, poking holes in every single, sacred cow. And so I feel like I’ve been really at a loss for how to worship, and how to…

What is actually bigger than me? DEATH. What’s the one thing I cannot command, constrain, and make to obey me? It’s death. If death has not earned my worship, nothing has. Except for life… and this is the beautiful, the beautiful dichotomy that exists when you do begin to worship death, is that you then begin to worship life.

Thank you, Astarte for your beautiful comment.

May 4th


11:30 Eric reads and comments on my question:

Astarte thank you so much, we’re keeping it real today. Thank your for your support, I appreciate it so much.

And Astarte on the hyperchat asks: ‘The entities keep teaching me without ceremonial magic. (Eric: Ooooooo). It is limiting to me. I invoke with the name of an entity, and maybe an enn. Sometimes I am fully possessed. Sometimes no one comes, which also teaches me.’ (Eric: Ha ha, isn’t that true? Thank you for that). Sometimes no one come, which also teaches me. ‘Do you relate to this type of ascent? How?’

Yeah, okay… so… ahh, thank you Astarte. This is awesome. I appreciate you, so much… not just for the support, but also for that great insight there. I’m curious Astarte, is this like after awhile of working with magic it has now kicked into a point to where the spirits are appearing and teaching you without magic, without having to ritualize it? Or has it always kick started like that? Regardless of whatever, it’s interesting to me… if it happened as a process of your spiritual momentum and your own ascent, that you built up enough momentum that it then took on what I call critical mass, and now it’s carrying you, rather than you pushing it. That might be the case.

If this is just how magic’s always worked for you, well then, you’re extremely gifted. And like any gift, it is… it’s so funny how every gift that is given does appear to be a curse if it’s not understood as a gift. If not understood properly, it seems very ‘curse-ish.’

So, whether you already started magic with this kind of immersion, where the spirits come to you without having to reach out to them… whether this has always been the case, or it has developed, doesn’t really matter as far as the how to handle it. The how to handle it is to… is I had to learn how to always be ready for ritual. And ritual is a strong word… I had to always be ready for magic…. I think even before I understood that I am magic, and that everything I do is magic. Before I understood that, one of the steps towards that, was always being ready for magic…

…I would be in the middle of my work… and I would have a spirit just come to me. Sometimes fully possessed me, sometimes just start speaking to me…. I was able [in that moment] to find the time and find that place to approach that spirit….

NOTE: I added this comment to the chat, but Eric did not see or comment on it:

I spent a couple of months doing ceremonial magic, learning the various skills like astral travel, evocation, scrying, etc. Then I was led to let the ceremonial magic go. Then I had to be taught how to let go of thinking what I needed to “do” and what it means to experience possession in my ascent.

Twilight in the Underworld

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