Working with the Shree Kundalini magical current

Hi E___... I had a huge insight. As you know, I experienced a full awakening of my kundalini by a Hindu master at the beginning of 2000, and lived in an ashram for three years. From that time until discovering the Occult a year ago, I experienced intense kundalini and meditation work that has burned away countless karmas and lifetimes of limited understanding (delusions). I was a walking bonfire. This spiritual work was spontaneous and continuous because I was fully committed to and open to it. I chose full on with this arduous, extremely uncomfortable work so I could become free.

Since I discovered the Occult in May of last year, and once I had taken a couple of months to learn the basic skills of a black magician, I have done little ceremonial magic. I have an amazing altar, but I do not need to visit it to do magical work. I have experienced spontaneous possession by Lucifer, Belial, and Azazel. I find that I am always connected to Astarte and Set. I have also worked with other Gods/Goddesses and entities who usually come immediately and do profound work with me when I seek to contact them. I have recently connected with Death, and I am now fully connected to the Death Current.

I have become fully possessed by Azazel all the time, and enjoy a fully sexual aspect to our relationship. 

It seems obvious now, but I realize I have been doing intense and constant work with a magical current flowing to me as the shakti of the master who awakened my kundalini, which flows from the great Hindu saint Nityananda. I have lived in the "house" of shakti taking divine form as an ashram. I have been working with the Shree Kundalini/Paramashiva current of Kashmir Shaivism and Advaita Vedanta. I have experienced fully merging with Shiva. I have experienced the presence of Lord Krishna, who is playfully and delightfully subversive. I have connected and worked with other aspects of Shiva as the gods and goddesses of the Hindu pantheon.

Here is the insight: Since I was fully and continuously open to work with Shree Kundalini, I was fully possessed by her (she is the active aspect of Shiva; the opposite of Western conceptions of the male as active and the female as passive). After 20+ years of this work, I now experience continual possession by Azazel, and immediate possession in my magical work with other entities.

I did the work of continual possession, and of immediate possession. I did the work of advanced meditation, through which I can now immediately choose and actively control many subtle versions of trance and trance states. 

This is why I don't need ceremonial magic. This is why I experience continual possession by Azazel. The kundalini current has flowed into the Azazel current.

I am blessed beyond all words and conceptions of good fortune.

Shree Kundalini is the active aspect of the Supreme form of God, conceptualized as Lord Shiva

More about the great Hindu saint Bhagavan Nityananda here.

Twilight in the Underworld

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