A dark connection made

Hail, and well met, __________. Thank you for your intriguing DM. I would love to get to know you more.

Since finding the occult a year ago, I have (so far) been a solitary practitioner with online connections to occult learning about the skills of invocation/evocation, astral travel, etc. I have always been an adept at working with energy, and have had a deep connection to all things dark. I am a born submissive, and all of my sexual fantasies were ("disturbingly" dark and) always about submission. But I have yet to explore beyond my many years of exceptional and fully nuanced BDSM experience and knowledge, which has been hemmed in by the predictable boundaries of "safe sane consensual" BDSM training.

What lies beyond that "acceptable BDSM" border? Beyond Christian and societal mind control? Magic and BDSM are both thoroughly and deliciously about the wild lands of the taboo, and the vast stores of unintegrated energy and dark treasures that lie in wait. There is so much more of it that I have yet to explore, in conversation, and in reality.


Graphic: “Conception of Merlin in Lancelot en prose (c. 1494)

Twilight in the Underworld

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