From ‘Invoking Eternity, Forbidden Rites of Evocation’ (2009) by E.A. Koetting


While simply calling the name of most entities will cause an automatic psychic connection to establish itself, what is needed to facilitate the evocation and full materialization of the entity is substantial contact with the desired entity. This contact is sensed and is recognized almost invariably when it is made, and is often described as an indigo ray of light which tethers the spiritual body of the Evocator to the naturally ethereal body of the spirit. It is by virtue of this invisible or metaphoric beam of light that the spirit can travel through space and through planes from any location at any place to appear before the Magician. It is also surmised that this same connection is what allows the spirit to take beholdable form, using the ectoplasm or Prana of the Summoner to materialize a body on the physical plane.

This substantial connection is established in the evocation ritual through the devices of direct symbolism, or symbolic representations which link the mind and energies of the Sorcerer to the spirit that he is calling, rather than simply invoking or creating a sympathetic flow to
a general energy pool or collective archetype. In hoodoo, this is done by using a multitude of symbols - rattles, serpents, decorative mandalas, specific food or drink, photographs, etc. - which work cooperatively to make the spiritual connection. In Western Tradition, as well as in some ancient "pagan" civilizations, this has been done through the use of a sigil...

...If the Evocator places a piece of parchment in the area which the entity occupies, usually the Triangle of Manifestation, it will imprint its signature thereon when asked, or will give a sigil more personal and potent which may be used to summon it forth in the future, or will even give the sigils of its familiars which the Magician may evoke. As these signatures are astral impressions, they will fade shortly after the material form of the spirit dissipates, and must be traced over while the spiritual sight of the Evocator is still peaked and while he can still see its trace on the paper. 

From 'Invoking Eternity, Forbidden Rites of Evocation' (2009) by E.A. Koetting

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