Working with Lord Sathanas again

I sat down at my altar with no plan. Ave Sathanas I began to repeat in my mind.

Soon I felt the sensation I felt last time with Lord Sathanas: my entire chest cavity gets a cool feeling, and I feel a strange sensation like the pressure there is lessening, like there is more room around my organs.

My eyes were closed, and I saw him subtly (like last time), standing before me where my altar is. I peeked but could not see him manifest physically. 

With my eyes still closed, I then saw him standing in an open field at night, the flora around us shifting in the calm breeze.

Then I saw the bow of a little boat pushing through the dark water of a lake. I saw this several times in a row. I had become attentive as my inner vision had been activated.

Then we entered the mouth of a cave. It was utterly silent, and our passage made no sounds. I saw little flashes of his pole in the water, pushing then lifting, then pushing again and again. He had a very small light (for my benefit), and I could just barely see the water's reflection subtly dancing on the walls of the cave. 

The cave narrowed, and eventually the boat stopped. We stepped out onto the moist soil.

Next I saw his feet going up stone stairs in the cave, a circular staircase made of stone. His steps formed a ritual, repeated so many times, step step as we circled and around. Step step.

Finally we reached the top, and he led me into a large and long room in the cave, with arching walls and a roof of rough stone, but with a large flat and semi-polished floor. There were large, dark red designs barely visible on the floor.

He was leading me across the room. I followed him, wondering what was next. 

Then he stepped up on the low dais, and turned to sit down upon his throne.

Again I felt the slight pressure on my head, pushing me forward, and I bowed to him, (bending at the waist until my stomach was against my thighs as I was sitting in my temple), offering my obeisance. Great Lord, I praised him with the words in my mind.

Like last time, a subtle, but strong energy began to surge into me while I was bowing. It is a certain energy that has his signature "taste" to it. It seemed to happen twice. Again I felt that I was receiving gifts.

At one point it dawned on me that he had taken me to his world, he had led me from my world to his, meeting me at the shore, travelling over water, through the dark channel of the cave, the steps that climbed to his realm. He was showing me the place where he exists and lives, and I was astonished by this, remembering when Belial did something similar fairly recently.

Finally I felt that it was time to sit back up. I sat for a few minutes, letting the energies of the experience wash through me.

Then I found myself back where it all started, standing on that dark shore next to the lake.

I was astonished at his gift. Astonished. Grateful. How many people are taken to the place beyond where a Dark Lord lives? An ancient being; I had climbed with him to his realm.

UPDATE (next day)

Today I contemplated my wonderful ritual last night with Lord Satan, with the following added insights.

Lord Satan showed me that there is a continuous "path" from my world to his. From the shore of my world, across the waters of the sacred realms, (like the mystical passage to the Island of Avalon), into the infernal darkness as a cave, upward to the inner realm of his world. 

Climbing the steps felt like I was joining in a casually deliberate, oft repeated ritual—both by him, and by those who seek him.

I felt the dark grandeur and ancient solitude of his cavernous throne room, the simple throne upon a low dais communicating his availability to and connection with those who come to offer him their obeisance, conveying his powerful and mysterious gifts to those he welcomes and allows.

I am still awed by this experience.

Did you know? Satan and Lucifer are ancient beings that are considered by some to be the same being. I have worked with both.

“The phenomenon identified as Satanism by scholars, the general public and practitioners often coincides with a category of esoteric spirituality termed the Left-Hand Path. Whereas Satanism is generally understood as a number of religious traditions and philosophies that in some way appropriate the Judeo-Christian Devil, movements within the Left-Hand Path milieu operate with a multitude of mythological beings beyond this context.”

Embracing Others than Satan: The Multiple Princes of Darkness in the Left-Hand Path Milieu by Kennet Granholm, from Contemporary Religious Satanism. A Critical Anthology (2009 1st edition, pages: 85-101, Jesper Aagaard Petersen editor), a featured volume from Routledge New Religions.

Twilight in the Underworld

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