Further insights regarding ritual with Lord Sathanas

Today I further contemplated my wonderful ritual last night with Lord Sathanas, with the following added insights.

Lord Sathanas showed me that there is a continuous "path" from my world to his. From the shore of my world, across the waters of the sacred realms, (like the mystical passage to the Island of Avalon), into the infernal darkness as a cave, upward to the inner realm of his world. 

Climbing the steps felt like I was joining in a casually deliberate, oft repeated ritual—both by him, and by those who seek him.

I felt the dark grandeur and ancient solitude of his cavernous throne room, the simple throne upon a low dais communicating his availability to and connection with those who come to offer him their obeisance, conveying his powerful and mysterious gifts to those he welcomes and allows.

I am still awed by this experience.

Did you know? Sathanas and Lucifer are ancient beings that are sometimes considered to be the same being. I have worked with both.

“The phenomenon identified as Satanism by scholars, the general public and practitioners often coincides with a category of esoteric spirituality termed the Left-Hand Path. Whereas Satanism is generally understood as a number of religious traditions and philosophies that in some way appropriate the Judeo-Christian Devil, movements within the Left-Hand Path milieu operate with a multitude of mythological beings beyond this context.”

‘Embracing Others than Satan: The Multiple Princes of Darkness in the Left-Hand Path Milieu’ by Kennet Granholm, from ‘Contemporary Religious Satanism. A Critical Anthology’ (2009, Jesper Aagaard Petersen editor).

Twilight in the Underworld

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