E.A. Koetting live stream notes

I attended E.A. Koetting’s live stream this week on Odysee, and have transcribed the comments that were most helpful, and also his comments to me that are so encouraging and fun.

Eric has live streams on Odysee most Wednesdays at 11a my time (USA Pacific Time). 

E.A. Koetting Live Stream on Odysee – 30 June

28:40 "Hail from Vegas Astarte Astaroth... What's up sister Astarte? Great seeing you on here. Um, I knew a guy named Steven Stevens, and Astarte Astaroth might seem like that. It is like a fun little... it's like William Williamson. I love that. I love you, hope you're doing well. Hails from Utah to Vegas, and um yeah, still gotta plan on, let's get together soon, let's get together and do some ritual... I'm starting to think let's do some ritual in the desert. There's a really cool spot... Oh, I'm not going to spoil it, we'll talk privately, Astarte. We'll plan something, maybe go out into the desert and do a bonfire ritual. That's really what I want to do. See if we can... maybe only... you know I'd like to get five people, do five people together... bonfire in Vegas. Just being outside on the outskirts of Vegas... five or more. Just for fun though, like that wouldn't be an event that we would like charge for for or anything. That's just us friends getting together."
[I typed in the chat, "A bonfire! Sounds like my level of transformation."]

"The times when magic has blown me away, where I've had the most ridiculous success, is strangely, when at the end of it, I'm going... well, I'm open to this working, but it's probably going to fail. And for some reason, and maybe it's the release that allow me, that allows me to finally fully detach from the outcome, those are the times when magic just knocks it out of the park... The spell was done, the future was locked in,   and there was nothing more I could do. This is the exact feeling you want to have at the end of a ritual. Nothing else I can do... If I stare at this for one more second... or one more hour... what's done is done. That is the feeling of finality that you need at the end of your ritual...."

"I didn't value money until I saw how reliable it can be as a windsock that I could [use to] verify the efficacy of my magic, with very literal temporal wag... Wealth magic is like unto that windsock in that it's able to tell me whether or not my magic is working."

Comment from Aserial Krabat regarding working with Abramelin Squares:
"Here's how I open squares. Count the numbers or letters from the left starting at the top, hold your right hand above it while vibrating the letters or numbers of the square. Have your intention clear and charge the square with it. Put some magic oils on it that are associated with your goal. Fold it towards you three times. Put it on your altar or underneath your pillow for wealth. Put some cinnamon on it and put it in your wallet."

"....you realize control of your life. Wow, it's not that you gain control of your life. It's not that all of the sudden you gather the power to overpower your life, but you actually realize, you're the one that's been fucking it up all along. You're the one that's been giving yourself all the blockages. Or, you are the one choosing to remain in blocked states. There's a lot in there that allows you to take on full responsibility. And full responsibility doesn't mean that your life has to be perfect, by any standard. But what it does mean is that you can actually accept when it's not perfect. You know what, I'm not going to worry about that one right now. I've done good enough today."

Twilight in the Underworld

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