I glorify Thy name, Thou Shining One

I glorify Thy name, Thou Shining One
Lord of Righteousness: Spirit Sublime
Lucifer, Angel of the Black Sun.
I receive Thee.
I embrace Thee.
Thine Essence-Dark hast bathed my Soul:
Baptism of the Black-Light.
Thy servant am I.
Thou, who art the Infernal God of Truth:
Adoration I give unto Thee.
Awaken those who have fallen unto the Profane Sleep...
the Snare of the God of Slaves.
Thou, who art my Beloved...
Lord of the Darkness and the Light of Wisdom...
my soul in devotion I offer Thee.
O' Lucifer: Luminous One.
I hail Thee: Glory of Naught.
Blessed be the Black Light...
by which I shall transcend all.


~ Psalterium Sathanas by J. Boomsa, Aeon Sophia Press, 2020

Artist unknown

Twilight in the Underworld

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