Devotee of Lord Sathanas

I sat down to do a “ritual” with Lord Sathanas. Ultimate minimalism. I lit the red candles, low and exquisite light. I said nothing. I only waited. What would happen?

As I waited, I felt the intense trance start that I had the first couple of times I worked with Sathanas. So intense it was so hard not to fall asleep. I ached to lay in the bed. And so I did. And I fell asleep almost immediately. I don’t remember my dreams. I slept for four hours, and now it is 1:00 am.

Last night (the 15th), I did an elaborate ritual (more elaborate than my usual minimal rituals). I blew smoke on each diety. I waved the incense 11 times before each. 11 times I waved the fire of the candle. I lit a black chime candle. I said my opening mantras (Enochian). I bowed to Him and offered my obeisance. I waited for the trance, and bowed again. I thanked Sathanas for all he has given me in a couple of short weeks of working together.

At one point I saw myself in front of his throne. I was laying face down on the floor before him, my hands in namaste above my head, my face upon the smooth stone. I lay there, offering, adoring.

Then I was overcome with the poison of alchemy. I was writhing around on the floor, screaming. LOUDLY. I roiled over and over, all around in the agony of transformation. In my temple, I sometimes shook physically, crying out.

Then I was still again.

I asked Him for things, profound things.

I asked for fear, anguish, and anxiety to be removed from me. I asked to become confident, to have an unwavering confidence.

As I lay in bed afterwards, I thought my ritual was of limited effect. Perhaps I tried too hard. Expected too much or the wrong things. I always want each ritual to have the deep effects of the last one.

I tried to let go of these expectations, to accept it all. I was able to let it all rest, and move on.

This morning (the 16th), I felt the intense focus of Sathanas return. I feel all my senses drawn inward. The container of me holds, so that my consciousness is not streaming outward through the senses. I have felt this feeling at times over the years as a result of regular meditation. This is the same, only much stronger. And it lasts on and off through the day.

I feel it now.

The shift. My life really has undergone a shift. As E_______ says, notice the shift. The shift is what is important. It is the breadcrumb(s) that lead all the way down.

I want this new state to continue! As I went about my day, I repeated this thought, please don’t let it be temporary. But then I let go. This may go away at any moment, return at any moment.

I trust my new benefactor. Already I owe him so much.

Lord Sathanas has gathered me to him. He surrounds me, he fills me, he possesses me. I am filled with exquisite bliss.

The level of bliss and transformation is beyond everything I ever imagined. Everything! I am somewhat bewildered. Strange, at times it is almost a disappointment, as it changes the course of my ascent in so many ways, seemingly narrowing it way down to just this. Potential has become reality, one reality. One I did not expect or dream of.

I did not think I would be a devotee of Lord Satan. I only tried working with him because E______ mentioned it, and I bumped up against my Christian mind control, a good indicator the work could be especially beneficial.

[If you are Christian, and you are reading this…. get a life. I don’t write this stuff for you to freak out about. You are a tourist. You are getting your cheap Abrahamic thrills. Go away.]

I only thought of Satan as sort of a half-entity. Sure, he is much older than Abrahamic religions, who coopted him for their tales of woe. But who Satan is has lost so much meaning in our culture. He is viewed in a reductionistic way. He has been pigeon-holed.

I don’t want to tell other people I am a Satanist, a theistic Satanist. I don’t want to be pigeon-holed.

I am a devotee of Lord Satan.

Who knew?? He offers me so much, my heart’s desire. My level of transformation and ascent has been rocketed to a whole new level.

I was ready, and the teacher came. And the teacher is Sathanas. He is now my Lord. Ave Sathanas. Ave Sathanas.

Wallpaper, artist unknown

Twilight in the Underworld

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