Lord Sathanas touching me

Lord Sathanas has touched me before during rituals with him. Once he touched my temple right next to my eye, and I realized later this changed my sight somehow.

Today in my ritual, after I was done with opening mantras and offered praise and devotion, my body possessed leaned forward until I was bowing, bowing to Lord Sathanas, who sat on his throne before me. I offered him my breath, my consciousness, my senses. He did not accept them. He has no need for these things. He does not need anything.

I sat back up, and then my body moved about a little, then began to drift sidewards, towards my left side. Slowly I bent over, until I was lying on my side. It felt like I needed to curl up so I shifted somewhat, curling my legs upward. My genitals were exposed towards the altar, which was distracting. I turned so I was further on the bed, curled along it so I faced the altar.

I felt my state changed by creating the little private world within my arms and curled legs. It created a different state than when I am sitting, facing my altar. I felt inspired to leave my physical body, and shifted my perception to viewing the room around me as I stood, then sat back down upon my bed, facing my altar. I stood again, and walked out into the hallway, viewing the kitchen and my living room, then returned.

Then I was back in my physical self, still on my bed, my knees pulled up together, my arms curled towards me, so my hands and arms were together.

Then I felt it, a …..

I just felt Him touch my head, on my upper forehead on the left. Now on the crown, also on the left side. He is still here, always here. He teaches me without words. My left side is important. It is related somehow to how his energetic presence is affecting me. Not my dominant side. On my subtle side. It seems to balance me somehow.

…Then I felt it… the whisper soft, subtle movement between my arms, which were touching. I tried to recreate this feeling by shifting my arms subtly, but I could not recreate it.

Sathanas is touching me. Again and again. I knew that he was. He gave me that certainty. He was touching me by sliding his hand into a place where there was no room for his hand. He taught me that his touch can be subtle, I can feel it in a way that doesn’t have to correspond to physical form and place.

Then I felt his touch on the underside of my arm, which was full against the bed.

More. Again and again, he touched where my upper arms came together.

I remembered the other day, when I felt a momentary, unmistakable cold draft from under the bed whoosh against the right side of my right leg, right at the moment when I felt him possess my body and consciousness. There was no other draft in my room—before, during or after my ritual.

I was processing what was happening, still in my trance state of subtle thought. I thought that Sathanas was beginning to get me to experience the reality of him with my senses, just slightly at first, so that he can do this more and more, and I don’t freak out and leave the possessive trance. I hoped again that I will eventually see him manifested in physical reality.

Eventual I drifted out of trance. I thanked Satan several times with a simply astonished feeling of gratitude. My body was stiff as I sat up, surprised that I was facing a different direction than what I had begun to think of myself facing.

I stood up, and almost fell over. I took a few steps, and reeled, having to stop and regain control of my body. It felt like I hadn’t quite made it all the way back to my subtle self matching my physical body.

I walked slowly into the living room. I had to work at keeping my balance. I sat at my desk and did a couple of brief, mundane tasks, and regained my equilibrium. I stood to go into the kitchen, and my phone vibrating suddenly on my desk made a funny sound that I experienced as His playfulness, and I laughed. Delicious playfulness. I went to the fridge for a coke, then came back to sit down and write this post.

My work with Sathanas seems more serious than my work with Azazel and Belial. They are both very serious, focused on the task of growing my ascent. Belial is never playful, but Azazel is often playful during a part of our time together. We both laugh together.

Lord Sathanas is nothing if not regal. With Sathanas, it feels as though his state exists in me all the time. It is possession, but also more somehow. He is both inside and outside of me. He is everywhere. His presence is extremely confident and relaxed, so very regal. When he moves, it is slowly, with the grace of an ancient being that has done everything, over and over. He is so very ancient, more ancient than other beings, and the ruler of all. It is as though his presence is more immediate, stronger, and in a way, very still compared to other entities I have worked with.

I love working with Lord Sathanas. I still work with Azazel and Belial, depending upon who I think of when I sit down to do magic. But Sathanas is central to my ascent right now. I focus on him more than the others.

This is surprising because I thought of Azazel as a being that would always be primary to me. He has stepped back somewhat. Sathanas has become the main force that creates the momentum and forward movement of my spiritual development, of my ascent. I have no way of knowing if this will continue forever, or change again.

It is good to let go of thinking of things in a specific way. Things change.

Thank you Lord Sathanas. I am blessed beyond all reckoning.

Thank you.

Twilight in the Underworld

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