Discussing “politics” in a live stream chat about Occult topics

I recently attended one of E.A. Koetting’s (excellent) live streams in which I made a comment that started a conversation about “politics” as a suitable subject in the live stream chat. Because of the blocking of unknown words that have been set to not be able to use in his live stream discussions—a common and useful practice by live streamers for slowing down spammers and trolls—I found I was very limited in what I could say.

E.A. said that he intended to look at these settings more closely.

I was responding to a discussion about NASA faking all space activity, and about the water supply being intentionally supplemented with hormones that make men more feminine. I intended to make a request not to use our precious time together to discuss completely unrelated topics by those who seem to feel the need to convince other people regarding controversial theories, often termed conspiracy theories.

I have no problem with what people choose to believe, but I don’t go to E.A.’s livestream to discuss completely unrelated topics introduced by people who seem to be pushing a personal agenda.

My personal request was not about keeping politics out of the discussion, not at all. Political subjects are an integral part of the discussion of the Occult and LHP topics, etc.

I was roundly shamed by everyone who responded to my request, as they didn’t understand me, and didn’t realize I was hampered by the blocked words in making a subtle distinction in my request. I was also shamed for “trying to limit the discussion, we are all free here.” This was a frustrating experience.

I love my brothers and sisters on the LHP. Power on, beloved infernal family.

Twilight in the Underworld

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