Consecrated by His fire

I felt the impression to go to the cemetery, I go there sometimes to sit on a bench under a tree, where the veil between worlds is thinner.

I make an offering to the spirits there, a little candle lit and some incense waived.

While I was there, I saw a dark shape run across my field of vision.

I became completely relaxed. I had a vision of fire all around me, then in the darkness I saw His feet coming slowly towards me in His stately, kingly gait. His feet were aflame as He walked. Then He put His hand on my head, and baptized me with His fire.

I feel myself rearranged, relaxed, my mind still. I feel a special blessing, so profound… that He came to me. He walked to me, He brought me his fire, and consecrated me to Him.

My Lord, my love and praise to You forever. Ave Sathanas.


I am feeling so much more relaxed. I am letting go of trying to manage infernal experiences, which is basically my mind trying to push them forward, figure out how to do them right or better.

I don’t have to know how the experience should go.

Nothing may happen, which is fine. Just relax.

And then he came to me, when I was relaxed and open.

He brings everything to me, including this beautiful baptism. I can prepare myself for his presence. Then remain open.

The baptism by fire is to be reborn as His, to be always embraced by his fire and light.

This is such a deeply profound gift and experience.

He continues to teach me by touching me. In my last ritual, he touched my head behind my left ear. He was saying to focus on him inside, rather focus on my altar. (What is in front of me).

The left side has symbolism as well, to open to deep, “left hand” experiences that my “right hand” mind misses (trying to figure things out, classify them).

Twilight in the Underworld

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