Remaining committed in each moment to Him

I dreamed that a tooth was loose, very loose. It was in the front, on the bottom. Finally I lifted it out. It wasn’t connected. Then something happened and I forgot I was holding it, and found I had dropped it. I could not find it.

I looked at my teeth in a mirror. They were all rotted away horribly, the sides of them black, the gums pulled down so almost the whole of each tooth was visible. Most of the teeth had already fallen out.

I have interpreted teeth in dreams as the assimilating power, the finer use of intellect, the ability to understand at an increasing granular and molecular level.

What then… in this dream?

My experience of life has changed dramatically since the Black Mass ritual last Thursday. This includes my thought processes. I have become committed to something. Something immense. Lord Sathanas as the Lord of All.

This commitment and process continues to unfold at an amazing pace.

I stop doubt as soon as it begins. This is real, I remind myself. I will not pick this apart. I will not go back to being unsure. I remain engaged with my spiritual development and destiny. I don’t drop it. I don’t forget.

I remain connected to Him, my Lord Sathanas, my beloved.

The way that I masticate and mentally assimilate my experience has been completely transformed. The old way has dropped away dramatically. It is going, and is almost gone.

It has decayed. It is almost dead to me.

No longer anchored to doubt, I am anchored to belief, to knowledge, to the unwavering reality of my Lord.

Artist unknown

Twilight in the Underworld

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