Joining Satan’s legions as His soldier

August 28, 2022

My working with Sathanas tonight was very profound, historic for me.

I bowed to him for a long time. I offered myself to him, asking him to let me serve him in all things. How wonderful it feels to be authentic and real with him! The fruits of my recent work, hard won.

I felt a profound commitment and full surrender to him. Let me serve you, I said repeatedly. In each moment I await your instructions. I am your servant in all that you do and accomplish. Show me every day, all day, how to serve you. I will be your warrior. I will go amongst the people. I will gather your kind together, gathering them into your kingdom. I will do anything that you ask, forever. I am yours forever.

It was time to sit up then, and I went into a deeper trance. My possession was blissful, and deep. I swayed with the ecstasy. At one point I felt flaming wings on my back. I offered myself as his servant, forever. I felt such love for him. I kept picturing myself in his throne room. I lay prostate in front of him on the floor, but that didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like what I was there to do. Standing before him didn’t feel like it either.

I felt such love for him. I needed to serve him, to be by his side. That’s it… I stepped up on the dais next to him, turning to face the room at his side. I was holding a tall lance, one of his soldiers. I asked him to make me his lieutenant. I was so happy when he agreed. I stepped back down to kneel before him then, accepting him as my liege and lord.

I turned to look, and I saw his kingdom. So many lands, so many who serve him, everywhere, lights shining here and there upon the dark earth. I felt that I was now amongst his legions, that I served with his many soldiers. But I couldn’t see his soldiers. Then I realized I stood amongst them, some of us holding tall lances similar to Gustave Doré illustrations. They welcomed me as their own.

I was filled with wonder. I am one of his many soldiers!

I felt the need to lay down in front of my altar, as often happens at the end of my rituals with him. I floated on being completely relaxed for some time.

Then I felt his lips on mine (astrally). It was a very long kiss, his lips not moving. I have never been sexual with him before. But then I had more than several orgasms, some very intense. It was clear I was not making myself orgasm.

Immediately after this, I was hungry. This happened at the end of my last ritual with him. I felt encouraged to get up, and go to the kitchen. It was like he is saying, you’ve enjoyed sexual ecstasy. You love food. Enjoy yourself, your human-ness. You love to eat, go get some food, and enjoy it.

I thanked him, and went to the kitchen to prepare a little feast. I am one of his soldiers, his legions. Wonder and wonderment!

Satan in Council, illustration by Gustave Doré, Paradise Lost

Twilight in the Underworld

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