Untethered evil

I had an AMAZING ritual with Sathanas last night. Pressing with intense energy on my third-eye for a long time. Falling through a crack in the rolling, moonlit fields of sagebrush, suddenly in the world below, a world where evil is not tethered. Surrounded by evil, my entire chest cavity went cold. I walked down a narrow, endless cavelike corridor made of stone, the evil and fell things reaching for me from the walls. Suddenly I am engulfed in flames. The flames protect me. I am my astral self, which is about twice the size of my physical self. The purpose of this place is to sojourn, to walk, to prevail. There is no destination.

Evil can be completely unbound, unfettered. It is one of the possibilities of life that modern society ignores or try to curtail. But unbounded evil exists along with everything else, as close as anything else is at any given time.

Tonight I fell into a deep meditation while watching TV. I turned off the TV, and it felt like a dark, velvety blanket was covering my consciousness as meditation. I kept trying to remember when I felt this before, and finally remembered: when I was among many dedicated yogis at the ashram meditating together with the guru.

Twilight in the Underworld

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