Night of black flame

Set has been calling to me. 

I see the Crimson Desert in my mind, then walk amongst the immense, colorful columns crowned with stylized lotus and papyrus blossoms, following the whisps of smoke trailing upon the incense perfumed air. I find myself in the soaring temple of a past life… loving you, worshiping you.

The word precedes all.

I speak now the words of praise I have made for you.

Xepera Xeper Xerperu
By coming into being
You have created it
Coming into being

Shining dawn
Night of black flame
Rising, in my heart
Seth-an, eternal life

Husband, I love you
By you, I am known
I carry you, subtle in my heart
I find myself fully in yours
Set appears to me astrally as a magnificent creature, about seven feet tall, with blackest skin, standing with his eyes locked upon mine. The goddess Astarte, my patroness and namesake, was imported into the Egyptian pantheon as the consort of Set.

Twilight in the Underworld

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