Ritual to summon Bartzabel

Invoking the spirit of the planet Mars
Ritual I adapted from the song 'Bartzabel' by Behemoth
Original version of ritual to Bartzabel was recorded by Aleister Crowley in 1910
“Bartzabel Working” - An Evocation of the Spirit of Mars"
This, my own ritual, is adapted and created by Astarte Astaroth, myself
Deep gratitude to those who are, those who came before, and those to come after
Agios Bartzabel
Ave Bartzabel
Hail Bartzabel
O Purple flame
O whirling wheel of life
Appear! Move! Rise!

Come unto me Bartzabel
From the laws divine, you hail
By spear, by sword, by spell
As the circling citadel
The raging red of spilt blood cells
By all the words that openeth Hell
Come unto me Bartzabel

By the Gods of War
By Ares and Mars
By miracles of power
By thy master Graphiel
By the moon and stars, I swear
Come unto me Bartzabel

Inform my passion, my courage, and drive
All instincts to survive
Cast down the despotic from all honor and riches
Strike terror into my every enemy
Compelling them now to submit

I am a warrioress
A panther, a tiger, a mighty serpent
I wail, I burn, I hold all hell within me
I swear by the eternal flame
Grant me victory
O Bartzabel

Reayha Bacana Lyan Reme Quim Bartzabel

Twilight in the Underworld

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