Elemental dissolving and reworking with Lord Satanas

I intended to work with Bartzabel, having created a ritual and researched his sigil, to which I offered blood (using a lancet), but I was impressed instead to work with Lord Satanas.

I lit the brazier fire with drops of my blood in front of Baphomet—the representation of Lord Satan at the center of my altar—and as I meditated on the fire, I could see through the dancing flames the Baphomet idol moving slightly, coming alive (this was a SOLID manifestation, I did not make this up). I became very still in a way I haven’t before, my mind and body perfectly still as the infernal light danced on my altar. My eyes were focused differently, with my eyelids partially open. My entire altar seemed to be transfigured into something else, a magical place of eternal fire and complete stillness.

Eventually the fire on my altar began to recede and I closed my eyes. I found myself walking through the familiar Egyptian temple. I physically caught in my room a sweet and strong current of an unknown, exotic incense wafting through the temple. I was transfixed as I walked slowly forward on the hewn rock floor, between the mighty columns towering over me.

I walked on through the temple, then stepping out I found myself far out in the great desert where Set was waiting for me. I could feel his presence, then he was standing next to me (always on the left), so tall and magnificent, and we were looking out across the desert, enjoying the magical place and moment together.

I looked about slightly, wondering what was going to happen. I saw oh so many stars reeling above us, and felt the velvet warmth of the night breeze gently caressing us as we stood together in silence (he has never spoken to me).

I finally realized I was to lay down upon the sands, and I was taken up by them, and dissolved, becoming one with the desert sands, and with the solitary emptiness of the desert. The sands of the desert are always shifting, alternately taking up and revealing whatever is in their realm.

I did not quite realize yet that I was being taken on an elemental journey of physical transformation and soul alchemy.

And then I was in the familiar small boat on the dark water. Like before, I saw up close the low side of the dark boat pushing slowly through the water. Then the boat ran up gently against a group of tall water reeds. I stepped out of the boat into the pleasant water, and was submerged. I went down to where my head was a couple of feet below the surface of the water, amongst the lower part of the tall marsh grasses.

I was there for some time, again feeling a dissolving of parts of myself. There was kind of a whooshing sound in my ears as I was submerged.

Then I was dry again, standing in the familiar cave that leads to Lord Satan’s throne room. I was facing the small spiral staircase carved into the stone, and I felt such happy excitement because I know where it leads, and my spirit was strongly drawn to simply dance forward through this familiar place of approach. Soon I saw my feet on the dark steps, and I was walking up and up and up the small, intimate spiral of stairs, the worn and sandy, slightly gritty stone beneath my feet.

Finally I reached the top and stepped out into the throne room, walking as I slowly approached the other end of the great room carved from the huge cave arching high above the smooth black floor.

I saw from afar Satan sitting on his throne as I approached. His throne is a simple one, on a low dais, so that he is accessible.

Soon I was before him. I wasn’t sure how to bow (this is often the case). I knelt on one knee, then bowed on both knees, then pranamed fully, face down with my hands together in a point above my head. Then I had sat up, then stood, and I asked to see his face. I could see his face revealed simply as a man’s face, a human’s face. I could see his simple crown. And then I saw his eyes burning. The entire inside of him was fire, which was dancing visibly behind his eyes.

I was filled with the fire. I became fully engulfed with the huge flames. I was burning and burning and burning. It felt so pleasant, so perfect and delightful.

I had been dissolved by earth, then water, then consumed by fire. Perhaps at this point I began to realize the elemental nature of the journey I was being taken on.

And then I was in the desert by E____’s house where he has a stone circle for rituals set out amongst the red earth and fragrant cedar trees. The immense openness created a tactile map of the grand sweep of the winds across and through the desert. I was one with the quiet and the desert silence floating on the sweet air… experiencing the elemental quality of air pushing against me beneath the ethereal, infinite ether of the heavens.

I was impressed then, as is often the case when working with Lord Satan, to continue my ritual by laying back on my bed, curling onto my left side in the darkness. Laying down is a sort of letting go, of relaxing completely and turning fully inward. I could feel myself being rearranged inside. It was a very airy, pleasurable feeling. A very present, gentle, calm, and elemental bliss, creating in me a very quiet and gentle stillness that continued for some time… simply delightful to my soul.

I reflected on how for the last several days, I move about much more slowly, in a much more relaxed way.

Softness. Gentle dissolving of all but the soft and still parts of myself, an energetic reworking at the elemental level.

I was done, and sat up, but unlike other times of laying down, I did not feel done with the ritual. I was sitting again in front of the altar, feeling the peace, very peaceful for some moments. And then the ritual was complete.

Ave Satanas. Ave. Ave.

Twilight in the Underworld

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