Ritual to install Satan in the temple of my heart

Invocation of Satan

Ritual to install Lord Satan in the temple of my heart

Agios Satanas, Salve Sathanas
Numinous is Satanas, Blessed is Sathanas
Tasa Reme Laris Satan
Sathanas, Sathan, Sathanel
Ave Satanas, Ave Ave

Hail Satan, Bearer of Chaos, the Great Adversary
Hail unto Satanas, Lord over All, the Great Accuser
Patron of Alchemy and Selfhood
Father and First-Born of Darkness
Saturnian, Black-Solar Spirit
Creator of the Black Flame
Regent of the Black Sun

Arise, Father Diabolus!
Hearken Unto these Words
Make Your Power Known Within Me
I Conjure You Forth into this Temple of Flesh
Descend Within Me Amongst Chaos and Fire
Ignite my ever changing essence
With the Sacred Alchemy of Your Being 

Lord of my Heart, Ruler of my Heart
I offer to You now, my heart as Your Temple
I install You within me as an idol of worship
Live within me now, as the Living Flame, the Divine Flame
The Flame within my Flame, the source of all Fire
I bow to You now as You take up residence within me

The Temple of my Heart, I consecrate to You
Let it be sanctified, let it be glorified
Let it sound forth all glory to You
I hail You now as your presence within me
I offer you most tenderly my Love and Devotion
Hail Father. Hail my Father. Hail Satan!

Partly adapted from Satan ritual by V.K. Jehannum

By Astarte, by Set, by Azazel, by Belial. By You my Lord Satanas as Baphomet, I consecrate my heart to You.

Twilight in the Underworld

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