The arc of my ascent: live stream with E.A. Koetting

December 28th ~ E.A. Koetting live stream ~ My comment in live stream chat ~ time stamp 1:15:20

Astarte Astaroth… ding ding… there’s my real vibes bell. Astarte thank you for your support, I appreciate you.

You say… (Eric reads my comment):

My cosmology got blown up. I thought I was on THE path, to THE ascent. Now I’m encountering there are countless worlds and universes, which means my ascent is just one little arc compared to all the beings’ arcs. It’s like I’m being stunned by endless multiplicities. Your thoughts?

Wow. Okay. Let me prepare myself.

[ Eric lights a cigarette, and closes his eyes as he channels his answer. The moment he opens his eyes, I can still see for a second the inner world and trance connection of Eric’s consciousness where he had just interacted with other beings. I know Eric, so I know this look. ]

I’ve found a few really handy workarounds for this. Astarte. I don’t know that this is the question you’re asking with your words, but this is the answer I’m being prompted to give you.

One is, understand that you are incarnated in multiple forms right now. Whether on this plane, or on other planes, other worlds, other dimensions. This is not the only form that you have taken. All of these parts of yourself are also in ascent.

That’s the first part. The more you become conscious of this, the more you become conscious that indeed, you are omnipresent, the [more the] ascent of all things becomes your ascent.

Now the second thing is… this is really the hidden value in teaching what I teach. What I started noticing really early on, is that if I’ve taught somebody something, and it helps them, and they ascend, they truly… grow, they evolve at all, I can feel that. I can feel that tangibly, I can see that reflecting in my life.

There is a network that’s being created of energy of ascent here, that as… especially as we all connect with each other and help each other, we’re all ascending together. Rising tide lifts all ships.

So there’s a couple of things I’m being inspired to tell you about that.

So your ascent is just one little arc if you only take that ascent as being your embodiment as this incarnation right now. But then look at… just take a step back…

You can actually do this little visualization exercise. And anybody… Astarte this is to specifically answer your question, but anybody can do it.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in complete darkness.

Now, you use some very powerful words there. An arc, it’s an arc, and when you think of an arc you think of electricity arcing a gap, is what I think of. And so, if you close your eyes, and see yourself in complete darkness, almost like your whole self is suspended in outer darkness. Now you can see, yeah, that your… the electricity of your gap, of your spark… of the arc you’re creating… which is really the arc between you and all. You can see that, you can feel that. You can feel your own energy, even as you observe it… maybe you can observe that that energy, that electricity… that lightening is coming off of you, can increase, decrease, change colors, but just notice for a minute that electricity.

Now think of somebody that you are connected spiritually with. That your magic is connected with. Astarte, you’ve been here in my temple, you’ve done magic with me, you can just go ahead and think of me, as you do this exercise.

Now you can feel, and I can just barely feel that, that you can feel that connection of that energy. All the sudden a new arc is created. Now you can multiply this by the number of people that you simply connect with by thinking of them. By observing that you are connected with them, and see how your energy automatically connects and is amplified, and magnified.

Now as you do that you can see that—[you can see] your full ascent spark—[and] that whole arc which you say is massively stronger than you thought it was. Because it’s not just you. Because you’re not just you. Your universe is bigger than you. Your universe is composed of all the people and all the things you have influenced.

My response: Thank you for that awesome answer and visualization. I will be definitely unpacking that. Thank you brother.

Twilight in the Underworld

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