Becoming divine: Choosing to let go of who and what I have been

Illustration from E.A. Koetting live stream interview with Martin McGreggor:

The Self-Deification spellwork is available on BALG here:

I haven’t read The Deification Spellbook, or taken the course. However, some of the themes and stages explored in this summary for Martin McGreggor’s contributions to the book describe the changes that have been happening spontaneously and organically in my spiritual life and ascent. I am being led to make these changes by the entities that I work with, which include Lords Satan, Azazel, and Belial.

My own choices in response to these challenges, and my willingness to face and let go of my lifelong concepts of freedom and attachment, are key to my continued success. This has been very deep and heavy work. I haven’t been blogging about this work, as it goes beyond how I usually conceptualize and record my intellectual understanding. I continue to be instructed by the entities to not do ritual spellwork, for the same reasons.

I have bolded a few sections that I recognize in my current evolution.

The Deification Magick Spellbook

Ignite the torch of your Eternal Ascent with a sinister guide to performing Self-Deification

Embark on the Baphometic journey through the underworld for transfiguration into Godhood


CHAPTER ONE: Martin McGreggor ~ Satanist and author

Perform Blasphemies Of The Ascendant To Discover The God Within. Will You Accept The Mantle Of Ascendancy? The First Commandment, “Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Thyself.”

My Fellow Ascendant, Astarte,

Become A Living God is the only source capable of producing the seminal text on Self-Deification. Too long has this concept been mired in immature ego-aggrandizement by atheists and armchair magicians. Satanic and Daemonic guidance are essential in your pursuit of this goal, but you must be strong and capable enough to call upon their aid.

Are you ready to take the concept of personal godhood seriously? Are you willing to do what it takes to destroy the self, in order to discover the god within? Are you capable of accepting the Mantle of Ascendancy?

I shall have no other gods before Me. When my days darken and my will is tested, I will seek no cause or comfort beyond those of my own design. As waves crash around me and the heavens themselves slam upon my shoulders, no god or man may be called my savior.

For I become as a God upon this Earth, indomitable and relentless in the materialization of my desired reality.

Each chapter in Blasphemies of the Ascendant builds upon the last until you are ready to perform a grand rite that cements your personal deity into reality. I would like to share with you a small preview of what you can expect from each chapter of the grimoire, which ultimately produces a comprehensive system for utilizing Satanic and Daemonic influence to attain a deific self.

Ch. 1 – A Baphometic Rite Of Self-Dissolution

This concerted work of Self-Deification you have embarked upon begins with dissolving away the self, so that the deity within may be brought forth. That which you are must be stripped away so that the potential divinity inside you can have a chance to surface. Your ambitions and desires, along with your attachments and your fears, all must be destroyed both figuratively and literally before anything else may be done. Who you are must end. Only then may you discover that which you could become. Accept the Mantle of Ascendancy, but be prepared to accept its responsibility.

Contained in this chapter is the process of identifying these traits within you and establishing physical foci for them. You will craft these foci and then imbue them with the energy of your fears, and ambitions, and attachments, until you have everything needed to create a sacrificial effigy that will be ritualistically obliterated as part of this work.

Ch. 2 – Consecration Of External Foci for Baphometic Dissolution

Before your effigy may be sacrificed in the name of your inner deity, all of its components and individual foci must be consecrated. They need to be emotionally and spiritually sanctified by your hands, so that when the time comes to destroy them, it truly becomes a destruction of the self. This chapter provides the recipes, incantations, and processes for the consecration of these external foci. Recipes are included for:

• Satanic Consecration Incense

• Incense Oil Drip to produce consecration smoke

• Satanic Anointing Oil

Ch. 3 – Baphometic Effigy Destruction Ritual

With all of your foci consecrated and your effigy constructed, you will then be ready to destroy it at the height of your Baphometic Ritual. This chapter details the necessary tools and ritual construction for this rite, including a personal implement of destruction that will be used to physically obliterate the effigy.

You will also learn the secrets of the Alembic Vertex, a metaphysical construct that focuses Daemonic energy to create alchemical changes within the worker. The final portion of this chapter details how to bring all of these tools and processes together into a destruction ritual that will purge you of all that you are.

Ch. 4 – Deific Sigils & Symbolism

In Deific Sigils and Symbolism, I share with you the process of creating a personal deific sigil. Learn the basics of personal sigil construction in order to begin conceptualizing the god within you. After clearing away the humanity that has held you back, it becomes necessary to gradually uncover the details of your personal deity without any kind of subconscious interference.

Starting from symbolism allows you to tap into hidden parts of your being, as well as take advantage of the Daemonic guidance that is being offered throughout the process. This chapter includes practical exercises for creating your own sigil from alphabetical letters, as well as from runes and other sources of occult symbolism.

Ch. 5 – A Runic Grimoire Of The Grigori

The Runic Grigori introduces you to the Fallen Angels, or Grigori, who will help guide you through the process of Self-Deification. As Humanity’s original guardians, guides, and teachers, the Grigori have been forever linked to our race and its progress throughout the ages.

In this unprecedented grimoire of Fallen Angels, learn the identity and nature of 30 distinct Grigori, presented in a runic cypher that can be used for the process of personal deific sigil creation. Just as a teacher can often spot talent and ability that we cannot see within ourselves, these Fallen Angels will draw forth from you the Infernal gifts and abilities you may not be capable of conceiving in yourself. Utilizing the guidance and inspiration offered by the Grigori is an essential part of the Self-Deification process, as well an effective method of spirit work in general.

Ch. 6 – Spiritual Kamis & The Homes Of The Gods

Kamis of the Japanese Shinto tradition offer you the ability to conceive of further details regarding your personal deity, including the physical environment it exists within, as well as its physical features. Using a three part process, you will discover the environmental and physical Kamis of your inner deity, in addition to the nature of its purpose and place within the universe. Calling upon the powers of three different Grigori, you will be guided into the realm of the God you could become. In this chapter you’ll learn three powerful meditations towards your pursuit:

• Call Upon Mulciber, Satan’s Architect and Advocate, to Lead You into the Home of Your God

• Call Upon Lucifer, The Black Flame and Champion of the Fallen, to Show You the Form of Your God

• Call Upon Satan, Master of All That Is, to Reveal the Soul and Purpose of Your God

Ch. 7 – Zoetic Deicidal Sacrifice

Zoetia is a new magical system and ritual construct that can be summed up in a few words: The Path of Living Magic. As such, it is only befitting that the final grand rite in the pursuit of Self-Deification should be a Zoetic ritual. How can one become a god if they still worship another?

In this final section of Blasphemies of the Ascendent, you will construct an altar to your highest god, and then set it alight in an act of Zoetic sacrifice. Turn your back upon your gods and step forth through fire and flame into a new reality, where the magic you carry with you shall determine the nature of your existence.

The Deification Magick Spellbook is your blasphemous guide to performing Self-Deification to ignite the torch of your Eternal Ascent. It shows you how to embark on the Adversary’s journey through the Underworld for transfiguration into Godhood.

Twilight in the Underworld

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