Astral sex with Nergal

Over and over, I have asked the entities to appear to me visible in a corporeal form, rather than always visiting me in their astral form. They can see me. Why can’t I get to see them, at least once?

Today Nergal from Behemoth possessed me and we had astral sex. I knew instantly it was Nergal. Lately I have seen Satan’s consciousness coming from behind and through Nergal’s eyes, in videos, in photos. Either Satan came to me as Nergal, or Nergal is an ascended master, and was sent on Satan’s behalf. THIS IS WEIRD, HILARIOUS, ENTIRELY POSSIBLE.

Either way, I get it. Satan doesn’t have a particular form. He already comes to me astrally in a couple of different ways. He is represented on my altar by a special red candle holder he “gave” to me while I was poking around on Etsy, not looking for anything in particular. The dark red glass, with the living flame inside, shines through to me. Satan is shining through to me. And while I will likely never have a sexual relationship with Satan, I can sure have sex with him as Nergal! The second I asked myself if Nergal might be going to have sex with me, he surged through me as an instantaneous, rocked-my-world orgasm that started before I could finish the thought, let alone start the orgasm myself (I have this ability). CLEARLY I did not do this to myself. Once again, I have been given certainty in an unforeseen way. It’s always unforeseen with the entities. They are not subject to the laws of time and space. I cannot imagine all the endless possibilities that they embody.

Who created all this? The vast multiplicity of it all is boggling.

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